Stand Out When You're Not In The Room!

I help service-based professionals build a personal brand with clear messaging, 

differentiated marketing assets and proven growth tactics.

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Stand Out When You're Not In The Room!

I help service-based professionals and entrepreneurs build a personal brand with clear messaging, differentiated marketing assets and proven growth tactics. 

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Is Your Personal Brand Hot or Not?

You are weeks away from having a purposeful and polished personal brand and website.

I’ll help you create your online home (digital footprint) and be positioned as the trailblazer you are.

If you are a service-based professional, creative entrepreneur or a corporate professional, the first thing your potential customer, vendor, media, publisher or future employer is doing to decide whether to work with you, is to Google You! Often they’ll do it long before they decide if they even want to contact you.

In 2018 and beyond, your online home must stand out with purpose and polish!

Stephen A. Hart is a brand strategist, marketer and a recognized speaker on the topic of personal branding.

The Podcaster

In February 2016, I launched Trailblazers.FM, a podcast where I explore and interview today’s most successful black professionals. 

More than 100 interviews later, we’ve now got 90,000+ downloads in 110 countries and I’ve been featured on the home page of Apple Podcasts, Black Enterprise and on several other podcasts and media outlets!

This success was the direct result of creating an amazing brand with purpose and polish, that’s now trusted by thousands… let me show you how to do the same!

I’m passionate about speaking on the topic of Personal Branding

I am an internationally recognized podcaster, marketer and one of the most dynamic speakers on the topic of personal branding.

I’d love to speak to and/or coach your team, group, conference or students on effective strategies to brand, market and grow their personal brand and establish a respected digital footprint.



I am a Believer. Jamaican. Husband. World's Best Dad. Brand Strategist. Marketer. Podcaster. Speaker.

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