Email Marketing Still Pays The Bills

BLOG POST: Does Email Marketing Still Pay The Bills?

Without a doubt, today’s poster child for any marketing strategy is clearly Social Media.  With the increasing rise of users spending the main share of their internet time on trusted social networks/communities, many modern marketers would agree that social media is where you engage and connect, but leveraging email marketing with social can drive conversions of fans to consumers and increase revenue.

Here are 3 things to consider as you create an email marketing strategy for your business:

Used properly, email can unify and leverage any marketing strategy.  One tactic small business owners and entrepreneurs can do today  to make their email marketing strategy more effective is to find the pain points for their prospects, and utilize an email campaign to address each point by showing how your product/service can solve the consumer’s biggest problem.  Creating a nurture campaign that delivers these benefits over several emails allows the prospect to keep you top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

An email series that showcases different media types (audio, video, images, and text) can help develop trust using value-based information.

If you’re not yet using a lead capture form to build your database, you should begin today.  And a great way to continue that conversation as mentioned above is to create an autoresponder campaign.  Automating the process of sending emails will free you from the headaches of trying to craft emails individually, while still prviding a consistent message that can be tracked, measured and optimized with time.

Do you use emails to nurture prospects and leads?  Comment below and share a little about your successes and/or concerns.

For more information or to get an email nurture campaign implemented in your company or small business, please feel free to contact me today.


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