About Stephen A. Hart

I’m a Brand Strategist who serves service-based professionals, creative entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals.

It’s my mission to help individuals get crystal clear about their personal brand and website.

Over the past few years, I’ve come across countless amazing people who I’ve met through networking events, or have expressed interest in being a featured guest on my podcast. Their initial story might stir interest, and I google them and all too often I find …

NOTHING! (or nothing that’s purposeful, engaging or memorable)

That’s when I realized this problem. Most brand strategist market their services to businesses where they get paid tens of thousands. But what about the everyday individuals. In today’s digital era, we are absolutely in need of an individual digital footprint more than ever, if we hope to stand out from the crowd. 

It’s time we begin thinking of our online presence as our online home. 

Whether you’re looking for a new job, a business partnership, or just looking to sell your offering, someone will google you, and if they don’t find you, or if they aren’t impressed or connect to what they find, they’re gone … FOREVER!

Exactly How You Dreamed It

My #1 goal is to develop personal and trusted relationships with each of my clients. I value a relationship-based service approach, because I believe it allows me to get to know you and your objectives, and really help you achieve your personal and professional branding, marketing and business goals.  By understanding all I can, I can then cater to your needs like no one else ever will. Every service I provide should be exactly how you dreamed it would be. 

At Your Beck and Call

It’s time you enjoyed having your very own brand concierge at your beck and call.  Experience a white glove service that won’t easily be found elsewhere. I believe all my clients should receive that VIP type treatment despite their project, because you are my number one priority.



I am a Believer. Jamaican. Husband. World's Best Dad. Brand Strategist. Marketer. Podcaster. Speaker.

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