Our God is An Awesome God

He reigns from heaven above

With Wisdom, Power & LOVE

Our God is An Awesome God

God's love in unconditional, unlimited &

Think about creation for just a minute and what a spectacle LIFE is and yet we take it for granted each and every day.

I remember going to the doctor with my wife last fall, about 5 weeks pregnant. The doctor does his stuff and hands us a black empty picture. Looking at nothing on his screen or this printout, I thought: what a let down… we did like 3 pregnancy tests and all said she was pregnant and here is K’s doc saying “That’s where your baby is going to be, in this empty space”. Problem was we didn’t get to see proof of what God already had in store. We couldn’t put a visual to it. There was nothing there, but the doctor wanted me to believe that something would soon be there.

Reminded me immediately of faith described in Hebrews 11:1 which says:

1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Fast forward to tonight in our youth ministry service, Theo spoke about our lives starting out as blank canvas. Wow! Wasn’t Theo more right than I think he even imagined.

Our doctor handed us a blank black empty canvas alright, but God’s plan was to begin a new masterpiece from that blank canvas, with color and texture. With our mustard seed of faith, we soon developed hope in what was soon to be something greater and a love we never knew we had to give or receive. My life is not ever going to be the same because of what God began that day on that empty canvas.

Over the next 10 months, we’d see God’s work, first he created that heartbeat, then a head, then hands and feet, eyes and ears. Later we’d see and read of developing organs and soon started to feel kicks. Our visual was soon supported by touch. Our Hope and Love began to grow stronger and deeper with each advance in time.

On June 1st of this year, exactly 6 months ago today, God gave me the blessing of being a father to a beautiful baby girl named Layla. No words can ever express the joy I have to look at my daughter and know what God gave me.

Layla was not Kristin or I’s doing, she was the result of God’s favor and grace and mercy and abundant blessings in our lives!

See my God, He is an AWESOME God, He reigns from heaven above and He decided to bless my life forever and ever more. So if you can imagine with me for one more quick second here… if I think I know love now, can you imagine when God says that our love doesn’t compare to the love He has for us! I can’t even comprehend that kind of love.

But wait! Of course I can at least imagine…. it was God who decided to give us His love and provide us hope through His son Jesus Christ. It was through Jesus’ life and His sacrifice on the cross that we now have HOPE for a LIFE eternal. Now more than ever before, I am ever so slowly beginning to understand and appreciate the immense testimony of God, that He would give His one and only perfect son, to this world, to live and to die, so that you and I might have an opportunity to live and not die.

To sacrifice my one and only daughter would kill me, but my God + your God = our God, was so awesome that He sent His son down to earth to provide us salvation through His death on the cross. He loved us THAT MUCH!

That’s Hope and That’s Love my friends!

With His Wisdom, Power and Love, I will persevere and commit to carrying out His perfect plan for this life of mine and rejoice in knowing that He’s given me a second chance, third chance, fourth chance and fiftieth chance! And on my upteen millionth chance, His grace still saw fit to show me favor in being a dad for the past 6 months and what a blessing it’s been.

Wherever you are when you read this, just pause and say Thank You Jesus. With a smile on your heart, praise Him and rejoice for your second, third, fourth and one hundred millionth chance that his grace has granted you today.

I’ll end with a reminder for you that comes from another favorite song of mine:

All I need is you, All I need is you Lord, is you Lord.”

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