Today, ask yourselves this question: Where is my ATTITUDE taking me?

My take away is this:

Attitude gets you where you ought to be. A good attitude gets you to a good destination. -Stephen Hart

Have you ever found yourself in a situation with all doors closed and no way out?

Ever gave up on yourself when you failed at a task?

Ever felt alone and that no one could understand where you were at so it was better to not allow people in to help?

Hey, listen, I've been in all those places! I'm human and you are too. There's nothing wrong with feeling that way from time to time. But here's the thing, you CAN feel that way for a time, but NOT forever!

To get beyond that lonely feeling where your emotions have you ready to throw in your towel, you've got to change your attitude!

As I said above, your ATTITUDE will get you where you ought to be. By that, I mean that if you keep a negative attitude and don't keep moving, but instead sit in your sorrow, you will be all alone with no one to talk to. No one wants to be around negativity all the time. So if you don't turn that frown upside down, you'll find that you're where you put yourself.

I've got an ATTITUDE where I'm going to bang on one of those closed door or beat down the wall, because being stuck without options is not going to be an option. Believe me, we can make sooo much noise that someone on the outside looking into your situation or circumstance will come get you out and help you move on.

Attitude gets you where you ought to be! Go getters get going!

Where will your attitude take you?



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