Dr. Mildred Peyton’s Journey As A Bullying Expert | 151

Dr. Mildred Peyton’s Journey As A Bullying Expert | 151

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Dr. Mildred Peyton is a bullying survivor, expert, and a children’s author of two books, A Bully on the School Bus and Sophia Writes To Her Bully. Despite having a Ph.D. in Human and Social Services (with a concentration in Social Policy Analysis & Planning), a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Sociology and a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, she still experienced bullying firsthand both on the job and in her role as a mother trying to protect her children.

As an expert on bullying, she speaks from her heart and real-world experience. She knows the denial, pain, frustration, embarrassment, guilt, and sometimes even downright rage that consumes you when you or someone you love is being taken advantage of. Dr. Peyton guides her clients as a consultant and trainer through the process of joining her on the other side of establishing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and school environment to ensure greater success for all. Also included in her work, she provides one-on-one guidance to parents, students, and employees who are experiencing bullying and harassment.

Lastly, Dr. Peyton’s doctoral research study entitled, Exploring the Meaning of School Bullying Among Parents of Victimized Children, along with hands-on educational training in facilitating focus groups and mentoring programs for students experiencing bullying and harassment are among some of her work which has demonstrated her commitment to cultivating safer schools and helping students. As for workplaces, Dr. Peyton’s personal experience working in a toxic work environment inspired her to support and work with employers in creating and maintaining healthy workplace atmospheres where all employees will feel valued and respected.

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Denise Harris: How to Get Unstuck and Rediscover Your North Star | 150

Denise Harris: How to Get Unstuck and Rediscover Your North Star | 150

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Known as the Corporate Ally, Denise Harris empowers executive women to go from plateau to breakthrough. A dynamic and vibrant speaker, Denise Harris will give you the power to amplify your strengths, strategize to win and emerge as the highest version of yourselves.

Denise is the founder of Denise Harris Executive Coaching & Corporate Consulting, which was created to help leaders and teams increase awareness, envision possibilities, achieve insights, and accomplish meaningful and challenging goals. She incorporates and infuses a passion for authentic leadership into every aspect of her work to help her clients create the space to be centered and intentional in their commitment to growth, day to day choices and interactions with others. Denise is deeply committed to helping others thrive personally and professionally.

Denise creates trust-based partnerships with her clients to increase their success as authentic leaders. She gets to the heart of matters and sees her clients’ inherent strengths. She incorporates mindfulness practices in her work with clients to help them create the space to be more centered and intentional in the face of constant demands. Her strengths include coaching clients in the areas of building organizational relationships and influence, thinking strategically, building personal and professional resilience, and creating balance in demanding roles. She is especially skilled at helping clients to identify and “get unstuck” from long-term patterns of behavior and thinking that do not support their vision of success. Denise uses a pragmatic approach, providing tools, skills training, and unique exercises focused on her clients’ personal and business outcomes. She combines empathy, challenge, accountability and humor to help her clients create solutions that will work in both their professional and everyday life.

Denise is a graduate of Hofstra University.

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Scott Dunn: How He Transformed His ‘Dream’ into Jamaica’s Largest Music Festival | 149

Scott Dunn: How He Transformed His ‘Dream’ into Jamaica’s Largest Music Festival | 149

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Scott is the Managing Director of Dream Entertainment Limited, the company behind Jamaica’s largest and most impactful music festival – Dream Weekend, the country’s biggest Carnival Mas Band – Xodus Carnival and in 2019 will execute the Dream Weekend Cruise – Jamaica’s first owned entire cruise ship charter.

Prior to following his ‘Dream’, Scott spent 11 years as an insurance executive, with Allied Insurance Brokers and Marathon Insurance Brokers in Jamaica and as a Lloyd’s Broker in London.

In April 2012, he transitioned from a non-executive director to Director of Finance at Dream Entertainment and then Managing Director in 2014.

Combined, Dream Weekend and Xodus Carnival contribute billions to Jamaica’s economy each year. Both events are key components in the Jamaica Tourist Board’s schedule of events and Dream Entertainment is the leader in Jamaica’s Entertainment Tourism Industry.

Scott is also the owner of Loans Unlimited – a small microfinance company. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Major – International Studies) from the University of South Florida and a Diploma in Insurance from the Chartered Insurance Institute (London). Scott sits on a number of national committees including Carnival in Jamaica, Reggae Month and Jamrock Summer.

He is married with two lovely daughters.

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Gold Mind: My 3 Step Success Formula | 148

Gold Mind: My 3 Step Success Formula | 148

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Today’s episode is going to be short and sweet.

This year was truly successful in so many ways and I want to highlight the 3 things that aided in my success for 2018.

And the first was that I made a DECISION!


Despite all the things I had on my plate: a super busy full time job, a young family, two active kids, this podcast, clients who demand more and more time, speaking opportunities, and more… I had a goal to begin my Branding course. It made absolutely no logical sense trying to plan it for this year.

But this branding academy is part of my 10 year Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS) and I decided it would happen in 2018. Despite all that I mentioned above, I essentially lit my boats a fire by announcing in August that the course was going live in BETA in October.

That decision was the trigger. Once I decided, that was it. All the issues and challenges that the devil threw at me, I just smiled and kept pushing. It was absolutely insane what had to happen to make this a reality though. So don’t think it just came together. There are many many nights I’d wake up with my head buried in my laptop at 2am. Didn’t know when I went to sleep. And just kept going. And here’s the thing. I still don’t think the course is all the way complete. I launched at what I feel is 60-70% of where I envision it going and being, but my students who are applying themselves are geeking and finding tremendous value in that.

I do remember someone saying to me that “Your 10% can be someone else’s 100

So if you’re stalling on your calling, as brother Shawn Dove would often say, it’s time you made your DECISION, get off the fence and just jump in.

People who succeed aren’t lucky. They don’t have more brains, or more opportunity than you. The only difference is that they decided to take action.

People do what they make up their minds to do!

So step one is to DECIDE!!!!

The second step that lead to this year’s successes was that I was highly intentional and deliberate to SERVE others


Earl Nightingale says:

Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution or service 

The money you are paid by the company you work for, will always be in direct ratio to the need for what you do, your ability to do it, and the degree of difficulty involved in replacing you.

It’s time you stop looking at ways to charge for every last thing you do. I’m sick of seeing people who focus so much on the monetary gain. They lead with the dollar. I’m going to tell you this, not a single morsel of my success of this podcast would have come if I lead with what I could earn.

In fact, I LOVE this podcast so much that I’ve done it for the past 3 years and from the start it was never about what I could earn from it. My sole goal was to SERVE and contribute something I thought the world needed.

What’s that returned? So much more than I could ever have imagined. I’ve had the accolades and features, and I’ve now been heard by 155,000 across 110 countries around the world. This year we got featured on the home page of Apple and I spoke on stages at Podcast Movement and Mid Atlantic Podcast Conference.

There are many of you who have followed my journey and you now know me. You know, like and trust me. You know my family, you know my likes and dislikes and we’ve developed a relationship.

Because of that, I’ve not had to solicit a 2 year sponsorship with CBMA that helped offset the expenses of producing the show.

So I am a living example of Earl Nightingale’s words from 50 or 60 years ago. My rewards on this show are the direct result of my focus to serve you. My focus was and is never on the dollar. It’s to produce the best possible interviews with today’s most successful black professionals. It’s to bring tremendous value by way of the knowledge, resources and tools of today’s most accomplished. That’s been the mission from day 1.

What’s your mission? Who are you serving? 

Get clear on that. If you do that, I promise the money will follow.

The last and most important step in this year’s success foundation was my focus to BUILD A LEGACY.


Many of you have heard me say in the past that your legacy are the seeds you plant in a garden you will never likely see.

Your legacy are the seeds you plant in a garden you will never see.

What seeds are you planting? 

When you are 65 or 70, what will your life be worth? What will you have accomplished? What will you have left your children and the world? How will the world be better because you were here?

Take some time in this holiday season to answer those questions.

Here’s the amazing beauty in today’s nuggets of wisdom. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through. It doesn’t matter what your financial situation is today. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, married or single, rich or poor.

You can DECIDE, SERVE and take steps to leave a LEGACY.

You’ve got the GOLD (G O L D) all between your ears. You’ve got a GOLD MIND. It’s time to reframe your mindset and begin to get clear on your goals, your mission, your vision for 2019 and beyond. It’s time to reframe your focus to serving others, knowing that your rewards will come when you’ve helped and contributed and served others. And by doing these things, you will leave this world better than when you entered it. You will leave a harvest for the next gen.

Friends, I hope this has been helpful. Much love and have a blessed week.

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