This month began on June 1 with the greatest level of joy my life has experienced to this point, as my wife went into labor with our first child.  The early hours of that morning were then followed by great fear, anxiety and worry, as both Kristin and our baby began having serious complications, which lead quickly to the doctors calling for an emergency C section.

I remember standing up as they were taking the baby from inside her, the indescribable joy of seeing my first child come free from the umbilical cord that was wrapped around her neck.  The tears and emotions were quickly tamed though, as I watched and wondered how my wife and best friend was doing, as she lay on that operating table, almost lifeless, as she was being put back together.

In the hours and days that followed, I was called on to be the best father and husband I could be.  Though I knew little about newborns, I had to fill the void of Kristin being immobile.  I had the two ladies of my life, both dependent on me to help care for them.  I wondered then and still do today, if some men knew how much went into delivering a child, if we would have so many abandoned women and children.   See, there was so much that Kristin couldn’t do, and mostly things you need a companion,  partner, spouse, trusted friend, to do, that no doctor or nurse can do without embarrassing the new mom.  I filled that void and did it proudly, but how many women will sit in a hospital room by themselves, or with husbands that scorn the process, not realizing the sacrifice made for them to have the badge of father?

As husbands, we will never know and truly understand the sacrifice that is made, both physically, mentally, emotionally, by the women that bring our children into the world

The point being made above, is that as husbands, we will never know and truly understand the sacrifice that is made, both physically, mentally, emotionally, by the women that bring our children into the world.  It is our responsibility as men, to be the supporting arm through that time and we should hold ourselves and the men around us accountable to that.  We must encourage new husbands and fathers to man up and be proud to fill these shoes.

I can remember my wife thanking me for taking care of her and I just thought to myself, why thank me, when you just gave your entire body as a sacrifice to bring a child into the world, so that I could enjoy the title of being a Dad.

1 Timothy 5:8 reads If anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for his immediate family, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

I know this posting is a very isolated event in my life, but it goes without saying that I was called by God on June 1st, 2010 at 8.18am to stand next to my wife and receive the blessing that is our daughter into this world.  It’s an important day that I’ll never forget as long as I live, and I thought it was important enough that I stress the importance to other men, of being a strong man, a loving and caring husband and begin the steps, if you’re like me, of being a stellar dad.  I’ve got years of experiences and challenges ahead, but for that moment, I can assure you that both my wife and I grew our love towards each other in those days that followed and it strengthened our bond and respect for each other.

I always echo a phrase that I find applicable to end this post with:

It’s the simple things in life that define you!

Make sure that you are a great dad and husband in all you do.



Photo by Benji Aird on Unsplash

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