What will you give up to glow up in 2018?

What will you give up to glow up in 2018?

It’s not even a question.

You want to turn up. You want to go higher. You want that side hustle to blow up so you can glow up.

So why does day after day pass you by without seeing progress. “You’re going to do it”, but that was 18 months ago since the idea came to you and you still don’t even have a formal plan in place to take the first step, much less the next. (more…)

Five Keys for Building a Godly Family

building a Godly family

building a Godly family

In a society where the term family has become so dysfunctional, how can we be history changers for our next generation. How can we swim against the waves of fatherless homes and divorced marriages?

Here are 5 ultimate keys for building a Godly Family and lasting legacy:

1. We must set GOALS for what we hope to accomplish as a family

Setting goals shouldn’t happen when you become a spouse or parent. It should begins long before as a single person without the responsibilities of marriage or child. Les Brown, one of the world’s most revered motivational speakers, once said that it is better to be prepared for an opportunity than to have an opportunity we were not prepared for. (more…)

Humble Resolutions

Happy New Year.  Did you commit to any new year’s resolutions? Did you write them down?  How many would agree that one or more of your goals were based on your own needs and ambitions.

I can humbly share that there are newly written goals in my resolution list for 2011, that for the first time will benefit others, including my goal to give away 10,000 shirts to impoverished kids in D. C., Maryland and Virginia through GodsFullArmor.com.  Nevertheless, there are also self centered goals that focus on my own self interests.  Goals around buying this or earning that.  They have to do with my own ambition and where I want to get to in 2011.  Anything wrong with that, you might ask? (more…)

Reach further!

Reach further!

Do you sometimes wonder why your life isn’t where you expected you’d be?  You find yourself in a sequence of ‘well if’ scenarios that would have had your life telling a different story today.  One more promising and nearing perfection.  Well if I had done so and so, then I would be better off because of …  Truth is, that’s not what happened and if you keep living in the past ‘what if’ scenarios, you’re only wasting more of your future time to chart a different course and to tell a better story.

Most of you that have heard my testimony know that the past two and a half years of my life have been filled with the highest of highs, followed by the lowest of lows.  I sometimes think of what went wrong and I could easily get caught living in the past for weeks on end, thinking of how things could have been perfect.  Its easy to see what I want to see and how things could have been, where the grass would be greener.  But as my pastor has said in the past, ‘the grass is greener where you water it’. (more…)

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