What will you give up to glow up in 2018?

What will you give up to glow up in 2018?

It’s not even a question.

You want to turn up. You want to go higher. You want that side hustle to blow up so you can glow up.

So why does day after day pass you by without seeing progress. “You’re going to do it”, but that was 18 months ago since the idea came to you and you still don’t even have a formal plan in place to take the first step, much less the next. (more…)

34 Years of Blessings!

As I reflect and celebrate the day of my birth also on a Thursday, April 21st, I begin to feel God’s blessings of wisdom in my life beginning to take hold.  Of course, I’ll likely look back in 5 years and think I knew little today, but as of right now, I really feel that I’m coming into my own right now. 

I’m so very delighted about each and every blessing that has me where I am today:  my health, love, patience, humility, strength, positive energy, being a great father, a loving wife, having great parents, a family I heart, caring inlaws, a successful business and the list goes on and on.

I do get the sense that life’s experiences have begun to have more meaning and significance.  I truly feel that I’m not only learning now but as a dad, I’m now beginning to teach and to do so, means that I’ve got to have the knowledge down the right way in order to relay it accurately.

I would not be here today, had it not been in God’s plan.  So I’m grateful for the gift I’m given, in this present moment.  I pray that if it is His will, that I will live a long, happy, and healthy life.

If I am able to enjoy the next 34 years, I hope that I can dedicate much of that time to capitalizing on the legacy of my dad and grandmother left me and my generation to follow, by planting the seeds of love in those that have none.

For my friends and family, I thank you for your love, support and nurturing me to be the Stephen I am today.

5 Benefits To Seeking Wisdom

I’m sitting up in bed today, reading some powerful verses in Proverbs and I couldn’t help but think that the world of the ancient times is in many ways the same as it is today.  Yes, we got iPhones and sports cars, but people were just as foolish then as they are today, living lives focused on material gains and aspiring towards status & fame, rather than living humbly and seeking knowledge and wisdom.

The desires of our flesh were just as strong 2 or 3 thousand years ago.  And reading these verses caught me by surprise, realizing that if more of us would read the Word, we’d certainly have been able to benefit from the instructions of wisdom outlined in the bible, and we’d be a far better society than we are today.

From my reading, I thought to share a few simple & practical disciplines that we can use to help develop and mature spiritually: (more…)

Powered by Purity

Powered by Purity

How do I set the bar just right for my first blog post.  What to talk about?  What not to talk about?

A few weeks back, Justin and Jessica McAuliff, leaders of our youth ministry delivered a message about purity.  Now, my initial reaction as a grown man hearing a youth pastor mention the word purity brought the immediate thought of abstinence and protecting one’s virginity.  As a young married man expecting our first child in a matter of weeks, my reaction was to turn and point the finger at the younger teens in the room, thinking that this obviously wasn’t applicable to me and that they’d better listen up to the message.  See, in my mind, I was already past the the point of worrying about my purity.  Right?  Wrong!

Quickly, I realized that this message was very much directed right at me, and likewise, to all men, whether single or married, young or old.  Justin and Jessica were truly talking to the teens that night and their message to them did get through.  But there was another message that I was also receiving from them, and it came through as clear as a blue sunny day!


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