Isn’t it funny how time and knowledge can change so much so quickly.

I woke up in the couch this past Sunday morning at around 3am, hearing this guy talking on tv and I jumped outta my sleep to write down something he said:

Knowledge is the seed for change. If you change what you know, you’ll change what you do.

It’s as though God destined me to sleep on the couch and wake up just at the point I did, so I could hear that.  There’s so much happening right now in my crazy little world.  So much that will happen in 2012, God’s willing.  But the  change that’s coming, is a result of the things I’m learning. Isn’t it funny that the more we learn, its the more we look back and smack ourselves for the mistakes of our past… knowing that if we knew better, we’d have done better.

Knowledge really does change what you do.   Which means that we need to learn as much as we can.  In this age, that’s almost a problem in the sense that we live in a technology overload era, where we’re getting fed all this information, from facebook and youtube and linkedin and the offline media outlets (tv, radio, papers, magazines, etc).

Make every effort to feed your brain good knowledge.  Remember GIGO – garbage in garbage out – if we don’t get good knowledge coming in, then things won’t change much for the good. We’ve got to begin to get meaningful content coming into our brains, to help us grow.


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