Before I get writing today, let me apologize for my inconsistency with my blogging.  I made the commitment to start this blog, despite my non-stop 7 day a week work life and having a young baby that occupies every remaining moment we’ve got.  I just want to say I’ll keep trying to blog as frequently as I possibly can, and I hope you’ll keep reading whenever I do post.  Please keep me prayed up that I’m able to remain active here.

This past Sunday, 10.10.10, was an amazing evening, where I was blessed to be in the presence of the talented award winning singer/songwriter, Israel Houghton.  I can’t begin to express the joy I had listening to his testimony.

Israel was born to a 17 year old white mom, with a black dad who abandoned her.  She was disowned by her family for getting pregnant, told to get an abortion and she’d been on drugs throughout her pregnancy.  At a point that she thought to give up, a woman say her walking on the road and followed a voice that said “go talk to her”.  That woman walked up to her and told her that Jesus loved her just as she was.  That day, in tears, Israel’s mom came to know the Lord.  His mom was saved on a sidewalk in California and as a result of one person’s simple act of love, we have such an inspiring talent in our midst today.  Because of a simple act of love, millions of people the world over are now touched as I was last night to be ministered to by Israel.

The power of that testimony speaks so much to me.  I’ve been battling with a movement that I’m putting together (one you’ll soon hear more about), and I’ve been thinking of places far away that need our help, where the folks are poor in spirit.  But Israel hit me with a rock right over my head with that testimony.

I learned at that concert, that God doesn’t need us to cross the ocean to help someone.  He simply needs us to listen when he instructs us to cross the street and tell someone about Jesus.  We have all had those moments where God has asked us to be courageous and share his love with someone at work or at school or elsewhere.  The lady above wasn’t being some super Jesus freak.  She simply walked over and said, ‘Hey, don’t know what you’re going through, but just wanted you to know that Jesus loves you’.  That’s it.  That’s all she needed to hear where she was in her life at that moment and right there she gave her life over to Jesus in prayer.

We can choose to stand by idling away an opportunity to help someone in need, or we can choose to water someone’s need with Jesus’ unending love and help plant the seed of faith.

Let’s not pass on the next opportunity we have to share with someone, the love that Jesus has for them, right where they are.  Let’s share Jesus’ sacrifice and love this week.

Let us come together and share some love today.  Let it go viral faster than a youtube video… let your love be an example of Jesus’ love and let us embrace those poor in spirit today and join God right where they are.

I love you and Jesus loves you.

Be blessed.

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