Ever realized that whenever we’ve got a setback in life, be it at work, school, with your finances, car, house, or whatever… you find that the setback is what forces you out of your comfort zone, and propels you to fight your way to a better end result!  And along the way, you learn something new that makes you just a little wiser.


With my career, I would certainly not be where I am today, had it not been for terribly hard setbacks that knocked the air completely out of me a hundred times over.  The key was that instead of believing that I failed and giving up, I managed to always get back up,  do some positive talk with my inner guy and pray to my upper guy, and the rest is all just hard work and faith til it all works itself out.  And it most always does work out, for the good or bad.  But either way, we always come away wiser and stronger than before.

Finances are another area.  How many times have you had financial emergencies that compound on one another at the worst possible time.  You lose your job and the car breaks down the next day! Ok, so that scenario would really suck…  but seriously, you get where I’m headed, you got compounding negatives.

It’s never ideal timing when these situations play out in our lives, but that is the game of life.  Learn to breathe and push through, without getting angry or frustrated or worried or stressed out.

Just know and believe that it always seems to work itself out.  Even in a bad outcome, God always has a way to use the bad as a learning lesson for the good to come, so don’t stress yourself out.  Know and believe that all things, events, challenges and obstacles are good, whether for now or later.

Embrace those setbacks today and know it’s bound to get better.

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