Death.  Feared by so many, yet guaranteed to all.

True?  Well, as a sensible man, I know that my time is limited and that our physical bodies will pass on some day.  That being said, as a Christian man, I also believe the Word, specifically John 14:3 that says:

3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

Each day, I like most of you, get up to the sound of my blackberry’s alarm.  With this ‘smart’ phone in my hand and my entrepreneurial mind immediately thinking about work, I’m easily caught jumping into my email app scanning my phone seconds after opening my eyes to see what challenges await me for that day!

Before you know it, I shove breakfast down my throat, help change a poopy diaper, do a good deed errand for the wife and bam, I’m off to the next ‘world ending’ work tasks for my day!  There are days (more often than I’d like to admit) where I’m even bypassing the breakfast, poopy diaper and even a kiss from the wife, to run and address a critical work task that must get done now!

Next thing you know, lunch flies by, then a conference call, preparing needed agreements to send to a broker, delivering a great client presentations… Wow!  Before you know it, it’s late!  Need to rush and go help the Mrs. with the baby, dinner and the chores that are a must do for that day!  10.30 /11p, I’m feeding baby, while sending late night emails or writing posts like this, that I forget to tend to and of course, attempting to close off the day (or night) really strong, before I fall asleep.  Great day huh?

Beep Beep Beep!  There goes that blackberry again!  Let’s start that all over again from 3 paragraphs ago… here’s where the record is scratched and repeats itself over and over again!  Listen, your story might not be the exact same as mine, but may be more similar than you think.

We all are consumed these days by our work, families, friends, projects, schools, churches, chores… all the important areas of our life, right?  Well, as you saw above, where did I prioritize God’s time?  Where did I find time to pray?  Where did I make quiet time for getting into the Word?

See the bible passage I’d shared above is followed by verse 4 that reads:

4You know the way to the place where I am going.

Well, the way to the Father’s house that Jesus was referencing sure isn’t by doing all those ‘other’ things listed above.  Just cause you put your all into your work and family and kids, doesn’t mean much here in the heavenly realms.  Don’t get me wrong, I know these are all good things to do and we all have our lives to get on with, but it doesn’t go without saying that there’s more that’s needed by our Father in heaven.

The way as shown in verse 4 above, demands so much more of us as Christian men and women.  It demands us setting aside even a little time right from that first second we open our eyes, to say:

THANK YOU JESUS for today!  Jesus I’m trusting you to direct my paths today to serve your kingdom and your will.

Doesn’t have to be an all day affair, but it’s got to be there somewhere in your day!  We’ve just all got to pray more daily…

I’m still victim to scanning those emails on occasion, but I’ve been combating it by my download of’s bible app on my blackberry, so even if I don’t get out of bed right away, I’ve got a bible right there at my fingertips, and I’ll at least attempt to snag 2 minutes to read a couple verses and pray, before jumping into the day’s hectic routines.

I promise you this, death to the flesh is guaranteed to all.  But if we live our lives attempting to put God first, then we stand a better chance that Jesus will take us to be with Him in His Father’s house someday, as He’s promised to those, IF He goes and prepares a place for us.  Big IF!  Wouldn’t want to miss out on that offer because of my daily ‘world ending’ work tasks, chores and other to dos!

If nothing else, we’ve got to look at our days, prioritize even 10 minutes of quiet time to spend reading the Word and worshiping in our own way.  Hard for many to comprehend, but the more that we find ourselves growing in Christ, is the more our preparation for that guaranteed last day begins to seem less and less scary.   This is because we know that our time here isn’t the end, IF we trust God and believe (have faith) that we’ll spend an eternity with Jesus and His Father.

I pray God’s blessings on each and every man woman and child today, that we would all prioritize our days to make time for the creator who gave us our days to begin with.  I really hope we all live a long, happy and healthy life, and hope we each find our unique purpose to serve and fulfill His will on this earth.

Be blessed and don’t forget John 14:6 –

6 No one comes to the Father except through me.

Let’s make sure we know Him and take the necessary steps daily to ensure that we’re prepared!




Photo by Samuel Martins on Unsplash

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