10 Actions To Blaze Your Trail in 2020 | 204

with Stephen A. Hart


Turn inward.  Look at yourself.  You are responsible for you.
The circumstances that surrounds a man or woman’s life are not important. It is how that individual responds to those circumstances that is the number one determining factor of whether that individual fails or succeeds.
When it comes to wealth or millionaire-ship, it is a function of your belief, attitude and all the tangible skills that you have right now.
Where you are right now doesn’t have to be where you end up unless you choose to.
You have an opportunity right now to do something different this day — whether it’s a shift in thinking; whether it’s reaching out to somebody and getting information and getting encouragement; or being a source of encouragement to someone that’s around you right now.
Give yourself grace!
Depending on where you are, there’s a lot of things that we did not know, and our parents didn’t know to teach us.  But that’s the past and now we have the power and control to change our lives.
Believe that it is possible.  Freedom is possible.
The journey may be long, depending on where you start, but every step along the journey matters. Every step forward is a good step in a better direction that gives you more options.
Immerse yourself in content and inspiration to help you on your journey.
Don’t just be another man or woman who lived and died; make sure there is significance attached to whatever it is that you do.
Remind yourself that nobody is built like you.
Think about somebody that you must give and forgive them.  Holding that grudge is killing you and weighing you down.
Let them go!  Set it Free!  The best of life is waiting for you, but you can’t get there holding a grudge.
Lean in to you! In the morning, affirm “I believe in me.  I believe in my capabilities.  I believe in my abilities. I believe in who I am.”
Once you leave your home, your cocoon, your safety net, and you go out into the world, there is going to be so many things that are trying to tear you down from that and pull you down from that.  So, if you start your day with this affirmation, it goes a very long way when you fail in something and need to recover.
When you come back home, reflect and assess, “How did I lean into me day?  Where did I show up? When did you shy away?  When did you step away? and Why?”
Sit down and do a SWOT analysis of yourself.  I think the best thing to blaze your trail is to understand who your are as a person, where your weaknesses and strengths are, and then work from there.
Do it before you’re ready!  The action to take is to take action!
Write it down! If you don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist.
We have limited time on the earth, and we have limited time to engage in a particular pursuit; and so anything we must do, we must put it on a schedule. It has to be a realistic schedule; it has to be an accomplishable schedule.  But it still needs to be on a schedule because if it’s not on a schedule, it won’t get done.
Start now!  Start right now!  You don’t need to plan anything else.  Start the business right now.  Buy the URL on GoDaddy.  You don’t need to sit and write the 50-page business plan.  Build the momentum.  When you get small wins it gives you the momentum for bigger wins.
You don’t have to figure out the entire story before you take the first step.
So many of us delay our goals because of preparation, but really it’s fear.  You want to prepare and prepare but it will never be perfect.
Stop succumbing to people’s opinions about your plans and your dreams.
Start on the dream today.  So many people die with so much goodness inside them because they were waiting for this opportune, perfect moment.
Start now!


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