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Entrepreneurship, Wealth

Why is our mindset towards money so important?

When should we start a business?

When do you begin paying yourself as a business owner?

This episode was recorded in November of 2019 with our featured guest, Ash Cash Exantus. It was intended to be a part of our January 2020 wealth series which didn’t happen when we paused the podcast back in January. But we couldn't wait to share this episode with Ash, because it’s still (if not even more) important that we take care of our mindset towards our money. No matter where you’re from what your background is or your current circumstance, you can have and do anything you want if you believe that you can and get your mind right.

Ash Exantus aka Ash Cash is a 15-year banking executive, personal finance expert, motivational speaker, and the author of eight books, including 3 bestsellers. He is the founder of MindRight Money Management. Above all his credentials, accolades, and titles, Ash is simply known for helping people maximize their full potentials.

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Be authentically you! Don't get consumed with how many people are doing what you want to do. Don't get concerned with how saturated the marketplace is.

The one thing no one on the planet earth can do better than you is to be you.



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