BLACK MEN AND BOYS MATTER. They are assets to our communities and our country. As a nation, we cannot truly prosper when any group of people is excluded and forced to exist on the fringes of society. The well-being of Black men and boys has a direct influence on the strength of our families, communities and our nation as a whole.

2018 MARKS THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA).

Launched in 2008 as a three-year initiative at the Open Society Foundations, CBMA became independent in 2015, stretching the initiative’s original three-year term limit into a decade of accelerating investments in Black men and boys to unprecedented levels.

To build beloved communities across America, where Black men and boys are healthy, thriving and enabled to achieve their fullest potential — this is CBMA’s core mission and rallying cry. There is much to acknowledge in the organization’s decade-long efforts to generate more than $320 million in investment for Black men and boys, while sparking the tremendous growth of an entire field dedicated to Black male achievement to support improved life outcomes for all young men of color.

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Key take aways about CBMA:

  • Shawn Dove is the CEO of an initiative that spun off into an organization that’s now spearheading a field and movement. This organization is called the Campaign for Black Male Achievement.
  • He’s able to interrupt your story and help you see how things can be so much better for you and for others by way of the work you’re doing. He’s been doing this with thousands of men and women around the country for more than 10 years now.
  • Shawn took action. He sought funding from this guy with really deep pockets. You might have heard of George Soros. I know of George Soros, having had a past life as a currency trader. And I knew George Soros to be one of the world’s most successful investors ever. He once made a billion dollars in profit back in the early 90s on a short trade and is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.”
  • Among these many initiatives that Soros has made commitments to is the creation of the Campaign for Black Male Achievement some 10 years ago. CBMA over this past decade has now been able to help leverage more than $300 million toward the black male achievement field and movement.
  • In cities all around this country, our black men and boys are being forgotten, neglected, abused, killed, and imprisoned. Yes, many of us that consume this podcast’s content are well off. We’re in the middle class. We’re professionals in corporate America earning a good living. We own homes and our kids are in good schools.
  • But that allows many of us to also get caught in a bubble thinking that life for black folks are ok. And that’s not the case. And we can’t simply ignore this. And there are folks that are not ignoring this. This podcast’s sponsor is headed by a CEO that is not forgetting this.
  • There is no cavalry coming to save the day. We are the iconic leaders we’ve been waiting for.
  • How do we protect, respect, and fulfill the dignity of Black males? Monique Liston’s been preaching this message across the city, of how important the dignity of Black males is. What does it look like? How do we protect it? And how do we show ourselves our deep-seated, often unchecked, biases, connections to racism, sexism and homophobia by the way that we treat the Black males in our communities.
  • This what is CBMA is doing. They are providing support to 1,000s of organizations, leaders and initiatives like Monique and Chris, and also podcasts like Trailblazers. And CBMA is working to
    1. Invest in these leaders
    2. Connect these leaders
    3. Promote what’s working within the black male achievement field
    4. Find ways to sustain what’s working
  • I’m doing today’s episode to shine a light on CBMA, but I also know that CBMA needs more of you to be aware, to join in this movement, and we need you to understand your role in this needed movement, because we need you to create a space for our youth. We need you to lift up these young leaders who are doing so much on their own.
  • We need you to join in this revolution, because we can’t change this narrative if we’re not all aware and literate about what’s happened, what’s happening and how we can work together to enact real change.
  • I’m here to tell you that our black men and boys don’t have time on their side. They are in a system that doesn’t care about them.
  • We need to get behind Shawn Dove, we need to become members of CBMA and other local initiatives working to advance the achievement of our black men and boys.
  • Will you do this right now. Hop on over to

One Action To Blaze Your Trail:

  • Commit to INTERRUPTing your story, and your legacy, and making a commitment to help our fellow black men and boys to rise


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