Charles (Chazz) Scott is a published writer, motivational speaker, and an accomplished computer security technologist from Ellicott City, Maryland. He holds both a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master’s of Science degree in Information Assurance from Hampton University.

Chazz is the Founder of a 501(c)(3) non-profit called Positively Caviar, Inc. in the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area. The nonprofit focuses on empowering, inspiring, and motivating all human beings, with a special emphasis on youth, through the imperative mindset of positivity and optimism by way of digital media and self-empowerment workshops.

Currently, he works in the Intelligence Community as a Cyber Security Engineer.

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A few of the questions I asked Chazz:

  • As a Maryland resident, why Hampton University over Howard University?
  • Were you always drawn to the sciences?
  • Tell us about the focus, vision and mission for Positively Caviar (a 501c3 non-profit)?
  • Why do most people choose not to be happy?
  • What are some daily actions that both our young and young at heart can do to remind them to stay positive?
  • What's been some of the challenges you've had to navigate?

Key Points from Chazz:

    • My mother is a Professor at Howard University. She received her Masters and Doctorate there and is now a Geneticist and studies marijuana abuse and alcoholism, to see how that has a generational effect on college campuses
    • I was always interested in gadgets, Game Boys, Play Stations. I wanted to create the next thing for gadgets. I wanted to work with Steve Jobs. I wanted to work for Sony.
    • I think my parents instilled that in me. My father was an Air Force B-52 Navigator. He taught at the Air Force Academy. He was an Engineer himself.
    • I don't sleep. I know what I have to do to live up to this potential as a Scott.
    • I was always interested in space and technology and how we could push the human potential
    • Computer Science was the foundation
    • Positively Caviar is all about instilling mental resiliency by way of positive thinking and optimism.
    • There is true science that suggests you can change your mental state, your emotions, and instill mental habits, tips and techniques to overcome trials and tribulations.
    • I started diving really deep into this and began to understand how the mind works, both the conscious and sub-conscious mind, repetition of thoughts and more.
    • If you can begin to understand how your body operates, then you can begin to implement strategies and new techniques to change your lifestyle habits, your happiness and things of that nature.
    • We were not given the manual to say do this this and this to be happy
    • I think it's important to begin to understand who you are as a person
    • I'm a science guy who likes to know how it works. When you apply that knowledge, that is wisdom.
    • 86% of our self talk is considered negative. Mainly to protect us.
    • Quote: “You win the first hour of the day, and you will win the day.”
    • Implement some type of morning routine to get your vibrations up!
    • Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand, which opens up new communication pathways in your brain.
    • Focus your intentions on what you're grateful for because then you'll begin to realize all the things you've overlooked. It has an influence on your brain.
    • Water is important. As soon as you wake up in the morning.
    • 30 minutes of exercise in the morning gets you going.
    • Entrepreneurship is one of the closest experiences to death that is humanly possible
    • I knew no one could see this dream except me.
    • I got to the point where I realized this is my idea, this is my dream. The reason others can't understand it is because they didn't see the dreams in my head when I go to sleep at night. God endowed that on me, not them. So I've got to prove it to myself in order to prove it to others.
    • I really think that your gifts and abilities given to you must be used to assist others.
    • Everyone on this planet has a gift. What are you doing with your gift to assist somebody in need?
    • We are stuck on this side of life. Everything we want in life is on the other side of fear and we've got to jump to experience what we want.
    • Consistency. As an entrepreneur you need to have consistency.
    • It's so hard, but you've got to remain consistent.
    • I'm going to do whatever it takes.
    • We can push ourselves far beyond what we think we can.
    • You can learn a lot from being around people you want to be more like

One Action To Blaze Your Trail:

“Your life will move in the direction of your thoughts and words. Speak victory not defeat!”

We need to begin to understand that that self talk is the biggest conversation that you will have ever have in our entire life … with yourself! What are you saying to yourself to overcome your challenges, to push yourself beyond that human potential, to really find your purpose and to really push yourself to who you were meant to be? I think alot of us are scared. We need to use our self talk, and implement strategies to push ourselves to that next level. So it's important to be aware of your thoughts and your words, because you need to speak victory into your life, not defeat.


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