Clarence Bethea is the Founder and CEO of Upsie.  The Upsie app and platform protects your devices and appliances at affordable prices. Their mobile app is revolutionizing the warranty industry.

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Clarence’s Summary Bio:

  • Clarence is the Founder & CEO of Upsie, which is a free mobile app that now gives us the power of making warranty decisions directly to the consumer
  • Clarence has worked with several startups and Fortune 500 companies & previously helped launch other ventures, including 2nd Chance Staffing; 43 Hoop and Gravelick
  • He had this frustrating laptop warranty experience, and realized there was a significant opportunity to reinvent the warranty industry. And so using his wealth of business knowledge and new found passion for improving the warranty experience, he worked to make warranty purchasing simple, fun and educational for consumers.

Hear a sneak peak of Clarence in this episode:

In this episode, we discussed:

  • What inspired Clarence to get into entrepreneurship
  • What he was doing prior to Upsie and how his prior failure helped his start with Upsie
  • His process to go about raising funds to get Upsie started
  • Talked about a fear he had getting Upsie going and how Clarence overcame it
  • How he’s been able to bring brand awareness to Upsie
  • The effect of family on his life and business
  • How Clarence keeps motivated and out of comfort zones
  • Why it’s important to volunteer & give back 
  • Much more

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