When we bet on later, everybody loses because later is not guaranteed.

The second week of our 2019 summer Trailblazers Masterclass series welcomes back Concita Thomas. Concita is a returning guest of Trailblazers.FM and was first featured on episode 66. In today's episode Concita shares 3 easy food changes to become more consistent with healthy eating.

Concita Thomas is a Food & Fitness Strategist behind ConcitaThomas.com. She is on a mission to help busy women on the go, gain freedom from being overweight and unfit while avoiding diet traps and fitness obsessions. She helps by sharing easy to stick to food and fitness strategies, sprinkled with a healthy dose of encouragement and inspiration. 

Concita is a Jersey girl living in Dallas, Texas with her husband, son and daughter. When she isn’t coaching, writing, or spending time with her family, you can find her reading and sipping on a great cup of coffee.  





  • Don’t bet on later!  Don’t let your health, wellness and fitness be the proverbial ‘can' you’re just kicking down the road.
  • When we bet on later, everybody loses because later is not guaranteed
  • Trailblazers who are crushing it can be even more effective if we're doing it from a place of optimal health.
  • 2 common challenges for those of us pursuing optimal health:  (1) I know I’m eating too much; and (2) I know I’m eating the wrong thing.
  • The first easy and simple change you can make to become consistent with healthy eating is to drink enough water every day. 
  • Drinking enough water can boost productivity, erase false hunger and increase your energy. @ConcitaThomas 
  • Even the least bit of dehydration has a dramatic effect on productivity.
  • Aim to drink up to half of your body weight in water in ounces daily, i.e. 200 lbs = 100 oz.
  • The second easy and simple change you can make to become consistent with healthy eating is to eat your vegetables.
  • Eat 3 servings of green vegetables per day.
  • Did you know?  Getting enough fibre by eating your vegetables helps to combat a sweet tooth.
  • A green smoothie in the morning for breakfast and a big ol’ salad for lunch are 2 easy ways to get vegetables into your diet.
  • The third easy and simple change you can make to become consistent with health eating is to include protein in your meals.
  • You can win the fight to be more consistent with healthy eating:  Drink water, eat your vegetables and include protein in your meals.
  • It’s not about what you take away from your diet, but what you add.  Add water; add greens; add protein.
  • Join the free support group for women at www.concitathomas.com/becomeafiercefriend
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