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Craig The Barber®

Know your why! Why are you passionate about what you're passionate about? And why do you want to make that a career?

Today's guest was one of those people who inspired me to launch Trailblazers.FM and was one of our very first conversations on the podcast back on on episode 7. Today, we spoke with Craig The Barber.

Craig the Barber is Hollywood’s top source for men’s grooming needs, a role he has held for more than 10 years. But the true story is that Craig unknowingly began his journey toward becoming a master barber all the way back at the age of 14 years-old. Craig’s belief that being a well-groomed man does not mean going overboard and that any guy can take charge of his style and appearance with the right guidance.

Craig is a true example of how following one’s passion will lead you to never “work” a day in your life because you will always love what you do. As he says himself, “Life is meant to be lived, not worked!”




  • @Craig the Barber: Hard work yields tough times, but it also yields great times.
  • When you’re nurturing and growing your passion, you sometimes forget to eat and forget to pay attention to people around you.
  • I read a very alarming statistic not too long ago in and it stated that the entrepreneur divorce rate is 5 or 10% higher than the regular one. If we take that divorce rate in the United States, which is about 38%, that would mean that the entrepreneur divorce rate varies between 43 and 48%. That is 2% short of 50% and that is pretty scary stuff. The fact that something so well intended, something that you love and that fulfills you so much could be so damaging to the people around you and you know, whether you're married or not. I think you can really equate the experiences of loving something so much that neglect is placed in other areas, whether it's your child, whether it's your friendships, your relationship with your parents and just isolating yourself and really really pouring yourself into this passionate career goal can be very dangerous.
  • Three (3) tips to help you find balance in your passion:  (1) Know your why; (2) Maintain laser focus; and (3) Staff your weaknesses.
  • Sometimes passions should be hobbies, so know your “why
  • Know your why! Why are you passionate about what you're passionate about? And why do you want to make that a career? Sometimes passions should primarily just be hobbies. Sometimes passions are shaped by outside factors. It could be sometimes ego, it could be your parent shaping you or shaping your vision. It could be wanting specifically the ability to make a lot of money. You know, when you can really challenge yourself as to why you're wanting to move into this direction of a passionate career path, just make sure that you can give it a very valuable litmus test to see how much you really are passionate about it, because this journey and many entrepreneurs out there can speak and chime in with this or give a head nod to this, is that it's not easy. When the going gets tough, do you run away or grind harder?
  • I’m addicted to the results for the people I’ve helped.  It keeps me getting up in the morning.
  • The ups and downs challenge and check me; but because I know my why, I’m sound with my vision and focus.
  • Success is the total picture; so finding balance in everything across the board is far more important than the success of your career.
  • Always be comfortable with saying, “no.” @WarrenBuffet.  When you say, “no,” they want you more.
  • Know where your passion lies, and test it with every decision that you make.  It will save you so much time and energy.
  • Our value, in the short time we have, is in what we make of our lives and what we’re able to give to others.
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    July 28, 2019

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