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Be honest with yourself about what youre good at doing!

Today, C. David Moody Jr. returns to Trailblazers.FM for his second feature on the podcast. Sir David was one of my very first guests way back on episode 11.

Charles David Moody, Jr. is the President and Chief Executive Officer of C.D. Moody Construction Company, Inc., a Black Enterprise BE 100s listed company for several consecutive years.  Mr. Moody is a graduate of both Morehouse College and Howard University.  Today, he runs one of Atlanta's top private companies, responsible for helping build several iconic landmarks.

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  • As you age, one of the things you really learn to appreciate is your family, your close friends  people who really matter to you; but most importantly you really learn to value time.
  • Aging has taught me the value of time.
  • People who are very, very successful still cant buy more time.  It’s the most valuable asset that all of us have.
  • When I think of Black History Month I think of people like my paternal grandfather, James Moody, who came to America in 1901 at 17 years old from British Honduras, now Belize.  He knew no one and worked his way over on a banana boat, but he came to America because he wanted to get an education.  He was willing to come to Jim Crow segregation and deal with all that because he wanted an education. 
  • I think of my maternal grandmother who was a sharecropper in Georgia and moved to Chicago in the great migration, … and people who didnt get an opportunity to do things because of the color of their skin.
  • When I think of Black History month I think of all those unsung heroes who never gave up and whose names well never know
  • Millennials who are hungry for success: Take information from the advice given and make it work for you, while applying patience, patience and more patience.
  • Success to me means that I was able to be there for my children.
  • Don’t be so busy that you use business as an excuse to not be there for your family.
  • Be patient; put the work in; and understand that it just takes time. 
  • Theres a price you pay to be an entrepreneur:  You never stop working! 
  • I will age but Ill never become old.
  • You will be knocked to your knees in your lifetime and wonder how you will make it through, but you will find out how strong you are through the experience.
  • As a victim of child sexual abuse, you can overcome; you can heal; and you can lead incredible lives.
  • Nobody told us life would be easy, but it sure is fun, if you dont give up.


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