Known as the Corporate Ally, Denise Harris empowers executive women to go from plateau to breakthrough. A dynamic and vibrant speaker, Denise Harris will give you the power to amplify your strengths, strategize to win and emerge as the highest version of yourselves.

Denise is the founder of Denise Harris Executive Coaching & Corporate Consulting, which was created to help leaders and teams increase awareness, envision possibilities, achieve insights, and accomplish meaningful and challenging goals. She incorporates and infuses a passion for authentic leadership into every aspect of her work to help her clients create the space to be centered and intentional in their commitment to growth, day to day choices and interactions with others. Denise is deeply committed to helping others thrive personally and professionally.

Denise creates trust-based partnerships with her clients to increase their success as authentic leaders. She gets to the heart of matters and sees her clients’ inherent strengths. She incorporates mindfulness practices in her work with clients to help them create the space to be more centered and intentional in the face of constant demands. Her strengths include coaching clients in the areas of building organizational relationships and influence, thinking strategically, building personal and professional resilience, and creating balance in demanding roles. She is especially skilled at helping clients to identify and “get unstuck” from long-term patterns of behavior and thinking that do not support their vision of success. Denise uses a pragmatic approach, providing tools, skills training, and unique exercises focused on her clients’ personal and business outcomes. She combines empathy, challenge, accountability and humor to help her clients create solutions that will work in both their professional and everyday life.

Denise is a graduate of Hofstra University.

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  • I am the most grateful for my family.  I feel like I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have so much support.
  • All throughout my career I started working in departments where I was managing lots and lots of people in lots of teams. This is where the leadership experience started for me.
  • I made the transition from working in corporate to doing my own thing, but my origination is really in working and collaborating and leading people.
  • @DeniseHarrisonline shares her moment of pivot:  “I began to feel that I just wasn’t aligned with who I wanted to be and how I wanted to show up.”
  • I found that the corporate space was just closing in on me, and I just wasn’t able to stretch and to grow. I felt like everyday was groundhog day.  I was just doing the very same thing.
  • I knew that there had to be so much more out there, and I just had this very strong desire to be free and to do my own thing.
  • I had raised my two young sons, and that was the template for me getting into the corporate world — I wanted them to have a certain type of lifestyle; I wanted them to have a number of different options.
  • Even though the corporate space was lucrative from the financial perspective, I just felt that it was time to bet on myself.
  • … I had been creating for somebody else for so many years, I knew that I could do it for myself as well.
  • From a pivotal perspective, I started thinking about what my own non-negotiable were and one of them was my freedom.
  • I just decided that the non-negotiable for this stage of my life was that I wanted my freedom to make my own choices, and really to sort of live my life on my own terms without that template.
  • The idea that I left corporate and decided to create my own bridge, that in and of itself is a win.  The first win is making a decision and moving forward on it.
  • You have to start with reframing your identity because when you are in the corporate space, you have to put a shell on, be a certain way and wear the “suit.”  But when you start thinking that there is something above and beyond that, it really begins with reframing your identity.
  • @DeniseHarrisonline helps us to recognize the signs of plateau — “When you start feeling as if you’re losing hope, your energy is drained, and you’re feeling disconnected.”
  • Signs of creative plateau:  When you wake up in the morning and you’re not excited about your day.  When Sunday afternoon at 4:30 pm comes around and you’re dreading Monday.  When you’re trying to rush your time or life because you’re not enjoying the present.
  • If you’re plateauing, it’s time to reframe and do something new.
  • How do you get back on track? It starts with commitment.  You have to consider “how committed you are to that goal.”
  • When you make decisions about making changes in your life, fear and self-doubt begin to creep in, and that is where people get stuck.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks and start over.  When we were born we didn’t know how to do anything.  It was all about having to learn. It was all about allowing yourself to be a beginner.
  • There will always be a number of excuses why you shouldn’t do something, but it’s up to you to come up with what you really want.
  • The dream has to be bigger than the fear.
  • You have to decide:  “What do I really want in this life, and what do I need to do to get there?”
  • Time is an elusion. You make time for anything that you really want to do.
  • “Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.” Robert Kiyosaki
  • Fear will make you take the path of least resistance.
  • The path of least resistance says, “Stay here because you’re comfortable.  Stay here because you won’t have to make the effort.  Stay here because you won’t have to be worried about rejection, not wining or finding the thing that you want to do.”
  • You’ve got to be willing to bet on yourself.

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