Dorinda Walker

Dorinda Walker is a Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives within Multicultural Marketing for Prudential’s U.S. Businesses. Dorinda is responsible for supporting, planning and executing profitable growth strategies among diverse consumer segments.

Listen to Dorinda open up about her difficult childhood and what fuels her passion to help and lead others. She shares wisdom on the skills and attributes that make women great leaders and gave advice to help women build their self confidence and self worth. This is an absolute must listen episode for all.

Some of the questions I asked Dorinda:

  • 06:45 You've shared that you had a difficult street life as a teenager. Tell us about that?
  • 08:20 What helped you to transition and navigate those difficult experiences and move forward?
  • 10:00 How were you introduced to Faith?
  • 13:05 What's driving you with Prudential today?
  • 13:40 Why do you love leading people?
  • 14:40 What do you wish more C suite leaders would see in women and a more diverse consumer base and employees?
  • 15:45 What are some of the skills/attributes that you believe make women great leaders today?
  • 17:20 Could you share one of the biggest challenges you've faced as a leader at Prudential?
  • 18:50 What helps you today to remain calm with chaos happening all around you?
  • 20:00 What advice would you give to women listening to help them build their self confidence and self worth they need to thrive?
  • 21:17 What are your thoughts on women who worry about achieving their corporate dreams, while still wanting enough time and energy to raise a family and enjoy a complete life?
  • 22:18 How do you empower and nurture your kids to dream big dreams and to take the necessary actions to pursue them?

I want to inspire people. I want part of my legacy to be that because I was here that they were inspired not to give up!

My purpose in life is to serve, knowing that I was blessed, I must pay it forward by uplifting others. I always try to work from a place of service.

… being my authentic self at all times builds my confidence and empowers me to live in my truth. I remember when I first started sharing my story with my friends, they told me to keep it to myself, corporate america may not embrace or accept my past. And I went with my gut and I'm fortunate that me sharing my story has not only been therapeutic for me, but its helped me give back to others who were struggling to overcome difficult challenges. My affirmation came when I shared my story at a women's luncheon and the first woman who approached me afterwards, advised that she was contemplating suicide and after hearing my testimony, she knew that she had to get help, in order to move forward.

Diversity is good for business… diverse talent is no longer just nice to have, it's a business imperative and growth driver for long term success.

When life throws stuff at you, I don't want to be that person that says WHY ME? I want to be that person that says TRY ME! and comes up with a solution

Were you born to be good and mediocre or great and extraordinary?

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Dorinda Walker's Bio

Dorinda Walker is a Vice President of Consumer Strategy and Key Initiatives within Multicultural Marketing for Prudential’s U.S. Businesses. Dorinda is responsible for supporting, planning and executing profitable growth strategies among diverse consumer segments. To expand new business opportunities, she incorporates strategic planning, targeted marketing campaigns, program management, event planning and community engagement. In addition, she is accountable for educating distributors about the benefits of adapting Prudential’s Total Market Strategy.

An important aspect of her job is directing the expansion of consumer engagement strategies. She supports the company’s mission to help consumers both grow and protect their wealth, by incorporating the company’s Total Market strategy, data & research and her team’s out-of-the-box creativity. This, in turn, helps to promote financial education, wealth management and legacy building to diverse segments of the U.S. population.

These consumer engagement strategies bring positive business impact via experiential sponsored events, marketing initiatives, B2B and B2C content management and social media. Team leadership and staff development are also integral to Dorinda’s role.

She is a frequently sought-after featured presenter and panelist at national conferences and programs. Her presentations demonstrate Prudential’s strong social purpose and commitment to providing financial services and solutions to diverse communities.

Since joining Prudential in 1999, Dorinda has held a variety of positions within Group Insurance, Individual Life Insurance and Finance.

Dorinda is a past co-chair of the Black Leadership Forum, a business resource group at Prudential that provides personal and career development resources for African American and other employees of color. She is an Advisory Board Member for Hispanicize; a Board of Trustees Member for Ironbound Film and Television Studios and Truth; and former Board of Trustees member for the Jersey Explorer Children’s Museum. Dorinda is also personally involved with several non-profit and charitable organizations that support women’s empowerment, financial freedom for all and the African American faith-based community.

A number of organizations have honored Dorinda for her outstanding work within the multicultural and women’s market. Some of these honors include:

  • 2016 The Great Girlfriends Award for contributions and support of women's empowerment
  • 2016 The Merge Summit Corporate Award for contributions and achievements in the areas of business and ministry
  • 2016 The Simuel Simmons Whitfield Organization Honoree for support of women and the African American community
  • 2017 The Network Journal’s 2017 Twenty-Five Influential Black Women in Business


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