The human spirit is incredibly resilient and we all have the ability to create the life we want. It's about making mental shifts, implementing proven mental techniques and, of course, taking action (even if you can only see the first step of the staircase).

Our featured guest today is Gloria Mitchell.

Gloria Mitchell went from being homeless to coaching multimillionaires.
Along her journey, Gloria overcame a difficult upbringing, an illness that left her short-term memory in the bottom 1% of the population, and a battle with homelessness that once even caused her to resort to sleeping in a Walmart dressing room!
For many that is where the story would have ended.
But not for Gloria. She went on to obtain an MBA from Stanford University and is now a highly sought-after personal crisis and performance coach who helps high-level entrepreneurs and public figures perform at their highest level and deal with the pressures that come with being at the top.
She has spent over 15 years studying human resiliency and her clients include top-earning entrepreneurs, professional athletes and celebrities.

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  • 20 or 30 years ago we would not have been able to have this conversation on a podcast, so I’m grateful for having this conversation.
  • I had to put my pride aside and do what I needed to do, including cleaning toilets, to get by, until I got an opportunity as a legislative aid.
  • Because I was willing to have faith and humble myself, God did some amazing things.
  • I wrote a very detailed 5-year plan for how i was going to get from where I was, which was working full-time, going to school at night and sleeping in my car, to Stanford University.
  • My battle with lyme disease left my short-term memory in the bottom 1 percentile of the population.  I would study and then wake up with no memory of what I had studied.
  • I was worrying myself to death, but I learned to release myself from the result of my actions.
  • You are only in control of yourself and doing the work.  You are not in control of the results.
  • Do all that is within your control, but release what is not.
  • Worrying is human, but it is wasteful.
  • Worrying takes energy but gives you nothing in return.
  • When you worry you are throwing energy away. Do your best to redirect that energy to something that can help you.
  • You do yourself a disservice when you make assumptions about who you can learn from.
  • No matter what I was going through, I always had one foot in the present, working on the problem, but that other foot was always in the future.
  • I refused to see my present as my permanent.
  • People who bounce back from a crisis make a conscious decision to fight back.
  • When you make a conscious decision to fight back, you go from victim to survivor.
  • They take responsibility for getting themselves out of that situation.  They may not have been responsible for what happened to them, but they don’t wait for someone to rescue them.



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