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Key points from our featured guests in this episode:

  • Just get started! Stop discounting yourself and what you already know — the knowledge you have and the unique life experiences to add value to someone else’s life.
  • Somebody truly is waiting for you to show up and to share your truth.
  • Ask for what you want. Don’t wait! Create the opportunity.
  • Decide that you’re ready to be wealthy! Make a choice. Everything comes with a decision.
  • Be the ultimate teammate, where people know that they can count on you, that you’re gonna get things done; you’re gonna do what you say you will do and live up to the commitment that you make to others; you’re gonna listen to others and figure out how you can help your  team mates. 
  • Spend 15 minutes in prayer with Your Maker each day. Ask the questions you need to ask. Listen for the answers — they will come.
  • Do that thing that scares the bejesus out of you! Start acting on that dream that you don’t tell anyone about, and get started by taking one step.
  • Get real focused on what you want to do differently with your relationship with money this year and who you need to share that goal with to make sure that they can keep you accountable.
  • Get a journal and track your income and expenses for the next 14 – 21 days and take an assessment of where your money is going. What can you cut back?
  • Decide who you want to be in the world and make sure that the work you do aligns with that. Be honest with yourself, and if it does not, pivot.
  • You are the Commander of your own life. Take a solid evaluation of all your relationships and decide which ones are holding you back. Which ones do you need to let go and which ones do you need to nourish? Do this with courage and grace.
  • Do one small thing everyday to invest in yourself — one small thing that will move you closer to your purpose.
  • The next time you’re at a grocery store, buy yourself a composition notebook — one of the ugly ones with the zebra patterns, so nobody steals your notebook. Train your mind to remember every time you say ‘how come…’ and ‘I wish…’ to write it down. Always question things and just write them down.
  • Start writing down every single thing you know about the area in which  you are most knowledgeable — your #1 something. Once you see how many items you have, there you have your Youtube channel, blog post, podcast, first book, first online course that you can sell, a workshop, a keynote speech.  Whatever it is you haven’t put out yet with the excuse that you don’t know what to talk about, the problem is now solved.
  • Find a difficult conversation and engage. We are typically programmed to avoid that. But change your programming to take advantage of those opportunities to engage in conflict because there’s value on the other side. Even if you don’t win or you don’t get what you want, you still benefit because overtime you practice you get stronger.
  • Create a landing page as a place to go for the thing you want to create, then get as many people as possible to see it. Set it up to capture email addresses and offer an introductory product.
  • Set aside one hour and do a t-graph. Draw a “T” across a piece of paper.  Above that “T” write down the one big thing that has a timeline achievable before the end of the year.  On the left side of the “T” write down all the positive steps that you are taking and all of the negative steps  that you are taking. On the right side of the “T” write down what needs to be done, positve and negative. Then turn this T-graph into your SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats).  It can be excellent and cathartic in journalling, but it’s absolute and intentional around building out success plans.
  • Go out and serve other people. Serve someone who can’t give you anything in return.
  • Turn off the damn television! One of the worst habits we have as a people, black people in America, is that we watch 40% more television than any other cultural group in America. We watch 72 hours of television a week!
  • Ask yourself this question in the quiet of your own mind:  What gift are you holding hostage from our community, because of your personal fears? What are you not doing because you are scared, that you don’t want to take any risks? What are you not doing? Why are you not where you are suppose to be?


  • Sometimes you have to break things up in your life, so they can breathe. Sometimes we’re working so hard that we don’t even give ourselves a minute to think; sometimes things have to blow up, we have to fail in order for our minds to breathe.
  • Get on Stephen’s email list to make sure that you have great brand alignment, because no one can work with you, if you don’t have complete and total clarity — knowing who you are, why you do what you do, and who you are trying to serve.
  • Start working on building your brand.
  • I don’t want you to just be inspired and motivated to set goals and to think big. I want us to blaze trails. I want you today, to begin to bring those ideas you have in your mind, to paper and begin to execute on them.
  • Execution over excuses!
  • I pray that you would take advantage of the opportunity with your name written on it.
  • When you take action, it will often come with some challenges, road blocks and failures at first.
    The first time a baby pulls up to stand, they will 9 out of 9 times fall before they can take their first step.
    Expect that before you can take a step, something is likely to go wrong. But just like that baby doesn’t give up, neither should you. Never give up on yourself.
  • Keep grinding. Keep trying. Do Not Give Up. Your hard work will pay off. You will rise above, and go way beyond.

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