“Up until 2011, neither the VA or HUD even counted homeless women veterans as a homeless population. They didn't even know that they existed or tracked them!”

Our featured guest today is Jas Boothe.

Fmr. Army Major Jas Boothe is a Chicago Native, Disabled Veteran, Cancer Survivor, Filmmaker and Speaker who gave over 17 years of service to this great nation.

Jas Boothe is the President and Founder of Final Salute Inc (www.finalsaluteinc.org); providing homeless women Veterans with safe and suitable housing. Final Salute Inc is the only non-profit in the DC Metro are that specifically supports the unique housing needs of homeless female veterans and their children; there are currently 55,000 homeless female Veterans nationwide.

Jas founded Final Salute Inc. due to her life being torn apart by Hurricane Katrina, homelessness and cancer in 2005. Jas was a single mother in the Army Reserves who was headed to Iraq. Due to her efforts and tireless advocacy, Final Salute Inc has raised over 3 million dollars, supported over 5,000 women Veterans and children and provided over 12,600 days of housing since 2011.

My ask today is that you’d help donate to Final Salute, and share this episode. If you're posting to social, please tag @tbpod @finalsaluteinc and use the hashtag #missionfuel


  • Im grateful for the work that I’m able to do in the non-profit community. We had a lot of people affected by the government shutdown, and I’m grateful that we were able to help some coast guardian families — keep them in their houses, keep them fed, and keep them with their peace of mind during this difficult time.
  • I was born and raised in poverty, but as a child I always knew there was something bigger out there, and that there was something different out there
  • I used sports as an outlet, but I always knew that once I was able to make decisions and make a positive difference in my life, that I would create more opportunities for myself.
  • Titles like single mother or single mom are just something that society pins on you, it’s not indicative of how successful you can be in life.
  • Ive always taken on challenging positions so that my son can see that anything is achievable with desire, drive and hard work.
  • In a leadership position, you dont get to have a bad day.
  • I wasnt treated properly and fairly in the military because of my gender, and this led me into my non-profit work.
  • Within 24 hours of being released from the military, I went from being a soldier to being a homeless veteran.
  • Once I became homeless and was sleeping on my aunts couch, I felt 100% defeated.  I felt useless.  I  felt blown away.  And every morning before my son went to school he would give me a big hug and kiss, and say, “OK, Mom, today’s gonna be a better day!”
  • I felt I owed it to my son to get off that couch.  I still had a lot of life to live.  I knew it wasnt going to be an easy life, but I still had a lot of life to live.
  • Because of my son I stopped throwing myself a pity part, picked myself back up and got back into the fight.
  • Dont pass your problems off on others and complain about it.
  • If you cant get over a river you make a bridge.
  • I decided to create an organization that would be that bridge to fill that gap for homeless women veterans and their children.
  • Final Salute Inc is a non-profit organization that provides safe and suitable housing to homeless women veterans and their children.
  • The organization also provides emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness and also put on several events called Next Uniform which help women veterans in career transition.
  • Use this link to support Final Salute Inc with a donation. (https://www.finalsaluteinc.org/Donate.html).
  • Text SHERO” to 877 and donate $5, $10, $15, $20 using your phone.  The charge goes directly to your phone bill.
  • Be sponsor of the Ms Veteran America 2019 Event on October 13th.
  • Life happens to us all, whether were ready for it or not, but your story isn’t unique, and you’re not alone.  There are people and resources out there to support you, but you have to reach out.
  • Even strong people need help, and there is strength in asking for help.
  • You’re invited to rise to the challenge and match Stephens donation of $100 to Final Salute Inc.
  • The animated comedy, Discharged, written by Jas Boothe, follows four veteran friends navigating their next chapter together.  The comedy is currently showing at film festivals and available for private screenings.  Visit www.dischargedcomedy.com for more information.
  • Life, success and entrepreneurship is all about relationships.
  • Being an effective communicator is part of being a great leader.


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