Building Your Mental Strength | 206

with Karen M Allen

Dealing with an internal struggle? Are you mentally exhausted? Needing some motivational #missionfuel to help you build your #mentalstrength so you can manage your emotions and thoughts in 2020 with all that's going on?

Joining me today for this special episode is a dear friend and a past guest of the podcast, Karen Millsap Allen.

Karen was first on the podcast back on episode 118.

Our Guest: Karen M. Allen

In case you hadn’t yet heard that episode, let me just share this before we dive into this conversation – At age 29, Karen became a widow, when her husband Richard was tragically killed. She lost her house, her car, her job and so much more. She was devastated, angry, and stressed, as I imagine most of us would be going through a season like that. But Karen refused to be defeated. Karen’s life is in so many ways, a case study in how to develop mental stamina. She’s a single mom on a mission.

Karen is a speaker, author, strategist, coach, advisor to people-focused organizations. She thrives on giving people the tools they need to have a healthy mindset and mental strength training habits.

And so with 2020 dishing each of us a ton of anxiety, devastation, loss, and so many other ‘feels', I wanted to have this conversation with Karen, 1) to help me talk through what these last 8 months of being silent on the podcast was like behind the scenes and what I had to do to get myself right so I could resume the show and 2) I wanted us to discuss just how we can all work on building our mental strength in order to do the legacy work we are trying to get done.

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Karen's One Action

Embrace the challenges, embrace the chaos, embrace change, embrace life. Learn how to flow with it, and learn to release any shame. Ask yourself – Who do you want to be in the world? Allow the answer to that question to help guide you through the challenges, chaos and changes.

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