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Dealing with an internal struggle? Are you mentally exhausted? Needing some motivational #missionfuel to help you build your #mentalstrength so you can manage your emotions and thoughts in 2020 with all that's going on?

Joining me today for this special episode is a dear friend and a past guest of the podcast, Karen Millsap Allen.

Karen was first on the podcast back on episode 118.

In case you hadn’t yet heard that episode, let me just share this before we dive into this conversation – At age 29, Karen became a widow, when her husband Richard was tragically killed. She lost her house, her car, her job and so much more. She was devastated, angry, and stressed, as I imagine most of us would be going through a season like that. But Karen refused to be defeated. Karen’s life is in so many ways, a case study in how to develop mental stamina. She’s a single mom on a mission.

Karen is a speaker, author, strategist, coach, advisor to people-focused organizations. She thrives on giving people the tools they need to have a healthy mindset and mental strength training habits.

And so with 2020 dishing each of us a ton of anxiety, devastation, loss, and so many other ‘feels', I wanted to have this conversation with Karen, 1) to help me talk through what these last 8 months of being silent on the podcast was like behind the scenes and what I had to do to get myself right so I could resume the show and 2) I wanted us to discuss just how we can all work on building our mental strength in order to do the legacy work we are trying to get done.

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Karen's Actionable:

Embrace the challenges, embrace the chaos, embrace change, embrace life. Learn how to flow with it, and learn to release any shame. Ask yourself – Who do you want to be in the world? Allow the answer to that question to help guide you through the challenges, chaos and changes.



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