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Lucinda Cross

Your vision wants to come to fruition for you just as much as you want to see it for yourself. But a lot of people forget to do the work. You can't just slap a picture up on the board. That's nice, but what are you going to do to get there? What are the steps that you're going to take? And a lot of it has to do with mindset over money.

This week's feature is a PON DI REPLAY throwback to December 2016 with past trailblazer Lucinda Cross.

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  • I'm grateful for a peace of mind. I remember there was a point where there was just so much going on that I couldn't even see my way out. So I'm just grateful to have a peace of mind right now 
  • @lucindaspeaks on what it will take for us to be able to rebuild, restore, and reinvent. 
  • We hear change, and you really don't see as much movement unless something really drastic happens, or is affecting one particular individual or class. But I think when we, as a people, whether you're brown, green, yellow, orange, purple, a unicorn, what have you, mermaid — you know, everybody has a title now. No, seriously. we as a people, we have to look at all of these issues that are happening as “our issues.” It's not something that's “their issue.” It's “our issue.” And if we begin to pay attention, because everybody's into the “me” mindset; well, if this is not affecting me, you know, my family's not affected by it. 
  • Well, somebody else lost a son and there's a certain level of injustice; but there's a voice that we can lend as a mother, a brother, someone in the community, someone who just respects the fact of being that we're all human beings. 
  • Lending our voice is the beginning. Whether you are going through it, have gone through it and realizing that we are community and their problem is our problem. Our problem is their problem. It's not a me thing. No one's in this by themselves. 
  • @lucindaspeaks “Lend your voice and show up!”
  • A vision board is where you put your goals, in living color in front of your face. What does your next look like? And so, you can cut out and get yourself in the energy of already receiving the desires of your heart. 
  • A vision board also helps in terms of planning — planning for success and setting yourself up for success despite, what you are going through. 
  • The vision board — some people consider it a collage. They call it their dream board. They put their dreams up there; some people call it their passion board, their faith board or whatever you call it. This vision board allows you to place your vision, take it out of your mind, take it out of your heart and put it in live in color in front of you, so that you can see what's next for you. And it's a fun exercise. 
  • Here's the thing, you didn't work the vision board. You know, it's not a Wee-gee board. It's not the vision board that's the problem, it's the visionary.
  • Everything that we are surrounded by, … everything that you see, that you touch, started from someone's vision; whether they called it a blueprint, whether they called it a structure, the building that you're in, the house that you're living in, it all started with a vision. 
  • @lucindaspeaks says, “… it's your job as the visionary to say, okay, I put this house up on my vision board. … I want to get a house … so now what is the action steps that you need to take? … people forget about the steps and the work that's required. 
  • After you’ve created your vision board, don’t forget about the steps and the work that’s required.
  • … your dream house is calling you. The dream has chosen you more than you have chosen it.
  • Your vision wants to come to fruition for you just as much as you want to see it for yourself. But a lot of people forget to do the work. You can't just slap a picture up on the board. That's nice, but what are you going to do to get there? What are the steps that you're going to take? And a lot of it has to do with mindset over money.
  • You can have your own vision board party!  Listen as @lucindaspeaks tells us how.
  • … get some of your favorite music; get a poster board, get in a vibe; pull out your candles, incense — whatever will set you to relax.  Release the stress and the worries of the world and just put yourself in that mode. Get your supplies, markers, scissors, magazines, your favorite magazines.  
  • I always say when you're starting your first vision board, you focus on your fab five:  your faith, your family, your friends, your finances and fitness … Your fab five is a great way to get started, if you don't know where to start with the vision board, because it'll allow you to put your main goal that you want to have accomplished for the year. 
  • I had one goal this year, one goal, and it was really centered around the Trailblazers podcast. I just wanted to see this thing come to life. And it had everything to do with me pouring out into others. Right. And as a result, it's fulfilled so much in me. Right. But it's helped so many people, you know. So I challenge people to kind of really take this fab five because there is a lack of balance in just thinking of just yourself or just others.
  • Remember to slow down and smell the roses! “I became an overachiever to where I was being burnt out. And you don't want to do that because you miss the blessings and you miss the connections that you make along the way.”
  • When you start to achieve more, it's going to require greater faith, greater humility and greater gratitude.
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway! Learn to eat fear for breakfast.
  • Rejection is not bad. Take it, let your stomach hurt, feel sick about it. But you just gotta keep moving forward. 
  • Once you get frustrated enough with fear, you'll look at that thing and say, ‘hold on, let me put you on a piece of bread, fold you up and eat you real quick because I have to keep moving.'
  • You cannot tell everybody about your vision and your dream. I keep my vision board in my living room; I keep it up in my living room because I don't have strange energy in my house — meaning non-dreamers, non-believers, non-visionaries, critics and people who have the lack mindset. And so I gave myself permission to put it up so my family can see, because I need their support. And if it's just my vision board, my, my, my vision board, then I will be on my own world. But if they are able to see how I've incorporated the future of our family, it encourages them to do their own. 
  • I don't share it with everybody. I rather have the people watch me do what I do. Watch the manifestation than me tell you what's about to be manifested. 



  • Start to declutter. Declutter your cell phones, declutter your closet. Pick one thing that needs decluttering, so that something else in your life can open up. Trust me, it works. Declutter something. Your cabinets, your refrigerator, your closet, your shoes, your clothes, your car, your truck, your emails, you know, even your Facebook friends, whatever. Pick one thing that you're going to declutter because I do think that we hoard so much, so many things. This will really help you to just get closer to clarity.



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