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Maxine Reyes is a super charged woman that wears multiple hats. When she’s not speaking at schools and mentoring teens, she is leading women’s groups teaching self care and resilience, and inspiring with her platform “Women leading their lives with courage and grace”.  She can also be found hosting couples retreats with her husband of 20 years, or volunteering at her daughter’s school. Did we mention that she recently retired in December 2017, after nearly 22 years of honorable service in the Air Force and Army respectively?

In a male dominated organization, as a young Captain, Maxine has lead a team of nearly 700, majority of which were men. She was also the commander of Orlando Army Recruiting from 2014-2016. Her leadership and work in the community earned her a Proclamation from the city, naming 14 July 2016 Captain Maxine Reyes Day in the City of Orlando.

If that doesn’t say enough, this woman is also a seasoned singer. She has graced stages with dignitaries at home and abroad to include a U.S. President, entertaining troops in the Middle East and NBA opening ceremonies including twice for the Orlando Magic at the Amway Center, the Lions soccer team at the Citrus Bowl, and the city’s Veterans Day Parade.

In this conversation, Maxine talks about military life, leadership and life skills, marriage and motherhood and shares some advice for the women, mothers and wives wanting to live their best lives now. You don't want to miss Maxine's ending to this episode, it was a first of its kind on the podcast.

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A few of the questions I asked Maxine:

    • Share something interesting about where you grew up?
    • What motivated your decision to join the military?
    • What were the biggest differences in your experiences from the Air Force to the Army, and also from being an enlisted service member vs being an officer?
    • What were some of the biggest lessons (challenges/failures) you learned having to lead others?
    • What are a couple critical life skills you see missing from the arsenal of this next gen?
    • What’s something that single folk wrongly assume about being married?
    • What have been the best and hardest parts of being married for 20 years?
    • What’s your advice to other married couples, who are looking to keep or maybe refresh things and get back to that happy and healthy state in their marriage?
    • What’s your advice for women who want that?

Key Points from Maxine:

  • “Leading with courage and grace” is Maxine Reye’s signature style formed by years of experiences and challenges in the army
  • A word for our next generation: Be subjective and think critically through situations. Constructive criticism is not a personal attack against your character
  • It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and tell someone, “No!”
  • We are our children’s best teachers
  • Maxine's lessons for our children and youth: #1 Respect and value education
  • Maxine's lessons for our children and youth: #2 You have the right to tell anyone not to touch you inappropriately
  • On winning and losing, Maxine says be resilient and learn how to take losses. You learn from your mistakes.
  • A word to singles: Getting married does not solve unresolved issues.
  • The best part of being married to a military man was having him as my “battle buddy” from day one!
  • The hardest part of being married in the military is being apart from your family but we did whatever it took to make it work.
  • Maxine’s advice for a happy and healthy marriage: Communicate – clearly and concisely vocalize your issues.
  • Advice for women who want to live their best life: Don’t hesitate to seek the things that are most meaningful to you right now. Start doing the things you love. You don’t have to stick with things that you no longer love or things that are no longer relevant.

One Action To Blaze Your Trail:

You are the Commander of your own life. Take a solid evaluation of all your relationships and decide which ones are holding you back. Which ones do you need to let go and which ones do you need to nourish? Do this with courage and grace.


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