As leaders and those managing diverse talent, we should understand – How do we invest? How do we get the most out of our talent? How much of our talent are we willing to use?

Our featured guest today is Minda Harts.

Minda Harts is founder, speaker, adjunct professor, podcaster, seat creator and now an author. Minda is a California girl, who grew up in Chicago and today calls New York City home. In addition to her passion for helping women of color secure their seat at the table, she’s also a lover of grits and rap lyrics.

My ask today is that you’d buy a copy of Minda’s NEW book now!


  • I’m so grateful that God has given me the desires of my heart.
  • The things that we work hard for, the things that we say we want — sometimes we might just get it, if we’re crazy enough to believe it. @MindaHarts
  • I’m so grateful that He entrusted me with this time, this gift that He’s placed in my spirit to be able to give it to the world.
  • I’m grateful that God has trusted me enough to be able to produce this next body of work that is about to hit the world.
  • @MindaHarts Success is not a solo sport.
  • @MindaHarts The Memo journey started for me being one of the only black women in my workplace and I thought that situation had buried me, but it planted me.
  • I was able to turn those lemons into lemonade and create my business in that season.
  • I was suffering in isolation but it got me thinking of other women of colour, other black women, going through some of the same things.
  • I didn’t want other black women to feel alone and question if they were worthy enough just because the narrative has told us differently
  • There wasn’t a book that addressed the needs of women of color in the workplace
  • The Memo comes out on August 20th, and I’m so excited for women of colour to read about their stories being told between the pages.
  • I actually worked my day job for almost four years before leaving to focus full time for the Memo.
  • Building my company was an organic process and the result of staying true to the mission I had in mind
  • Investors early on thought this mission — women of colour — was too niche
  • I was hearing women of color tell me that they finally felt seen!
  • When you create something, there are often various iterations of the product along the way
  • When I started the Memo back in 2015, I put out a newsletter every Monday, a memo, and have not missed one publication since July 2015
  • Slowly but surely, the tribe began to come, and in 2016, we began doing live career bootcamps
  • We leaned into the conversation and the voice of the tribe, as women expressed their needs for community
  • Even though we weren’t making a lot of money, we just kept going.
  • It wasn’t until 2019 that I was able to pay my partner and myself something from the business
  • We had an investor offer us lots of money, if we changed our niche focus, but we didn’t.  
  • I knew in my heart we were on the right track, and it’s definitely paying off in dividends.
  • We talk about #TheFutureofWork a lot — which is about understanding how your talent views the workplace and how they experience it.
  • As leaders and those managing diverse talent, we should understand – How do we invest? How do we get the most out of our talent? How much of our talent are we willing to use?
  • If you don’t understand their experiences, then it’s harder for you to get the most out of them and help them achieve their goals, and obviously achieve your goals and everybody wins, because you’re helping the company’s bottom line.
  • How often do you read about the experiences of your talent? What about the people on the ground?
  • We’re talking about money in the book. We talk about the tools we need in our toolkit like self-advocacy and how to negotiate your salary.
  • I’m big on legacy — what are you leaving behind and who are you helping?
  • I see myself as a person planting seeds. I think God chose me because I have the heart, a servant leader’s heart to go the distance for my girls.
  • God could have chosen anybody, but He chose me, and I don’t take that lightly.
  • I will run with it and when it’s time I’ll hand the baton off to the next person.
  • I don’t want to leave the workplace the way it is now. I want to do so much more for your daughter and the daughters to come, so that they have agency when they sit down.
  • I realized that as we build our brands, there needs to be a social media platform that you make your jam and get busy on.
  • I feel like if you use Twitter in the right way, you could really get down to some really good content.
  • I think there are a lot of people who are looking for answers and how they invest in themselves
  • I use Twitter to ask the questions that people want to give advice to., and it creates this dialogue about leadership and management and the workplace.
  • My book is already a best seller because it’s resonating with the people that it’s supposed to, and it’s opening up the eyes of people who didn’t even realize that this was a problem.


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