“This is a go-to resource when something bad happens to someone that you care about  whether it’s death, a serious illness, divorce, or a miscarriage

Our featured guest today is Marisa Renee Lee.

Marisa Renee Lee, Co-Founder of Supportal, a platform that makes it easier for you to respond when someone you care about is facing a life-changing challenge, is a cross-sector leader dedicated to engaging the private sector to solve public problems. Marisa previously served as the Managing Director of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance.  Prior to joining MBKA, Marisa served in a variety of roles in the Obama administration including the Deputy Director of Private Sector Engagement and as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Domestic Policy Council and at the Small Business Administration.

Marisa began her career in international finance at Brown Brothers Harriman and during her time there, she founded The Pink Agenda, a breast cancer non-profit, in honor of her mother Lisa. Almost a decade later, The Pink Agenda is now a national organization of young professionals committed to raising money for breast cancer research and direct care service programs in partnership with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Marisa has been a featured speaker at several forums including SXSW.  Marisa has also written op-eds on grief, race, opportunity, and economic mobility for CNN, Philanthropy News Digest, News One, Huffington Post, and other outlets. In 2017 she was selected a member of the “Power 100” by Ebony Magazine among other community crusaders she admires.

Marisa Renee Lee is a graduate of Harvard College and an avid Green Bay Packers fan.  She resides in Falls Church, Virginia with her husband Matt and their dog Sadie.

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  • I am grateful for my health.  I spent a lot of time this past year being sick, so Im incredibly grateful to be feeling healthy and able to get back to the gym and spend time outside.
  • Im super grateful for the quiet time I get in the mornings with my dog.
  • Im grateful for my husband and all the support that he provides. His responses is always, “When are you gonna do it?  Get it done!”
  • Im grateful for the 11 women — my roommates from college — who surround me right now.  They’ve been an amazing support network in my struggle, trying to start my own thing and figure out so many different moving parts at once; and they’ve just been an amazing support network.
  • The inspiration behind so many things that I do has been my mom, just thinking about how incredibly strong and gracious and patient and faithful she was, given how much time shes spent sick, and still manages to take care of me, my dad and my younger sister.
  • I learned a lot about what it means to be a good manager; what it means to be a good boss, and how to develop those skills effectively. 
  • Like most of life, a lot of it comes down to treating people the way that you want to be treated.
  • I learned how to be a good manager/leader which comes down to time management, setting priorities, communication and over-communication.
  • The importance around setting priorities, was another thing I learned. It was around figuring what the priority was for us and having the discipline to focus on that.
  • I had always felt like I wanted to do something with my past history and my time spent helping my mom, taking care of her, and dealing with the grieving process.
  • Professionally, I am most proud of working for Barack Obama  having an opportunity to support the first Black President, which was for me a real personal decision.
  • The thing that I am personally most proud of is the time I spent taking care of my mom, making a decision, and shaping my life at the end of her life to prioritize her.
  • I always felt that there are thousands of ways to make it easier for people to deal with difficult moments  of grief, experiences and end-of-life decisions as it relates to their loved ones.
  • We came up with the concept for Supportal to be your go-to resource when something bad happens to someone that you care about  whether it’s death, a serious illness, divorce, a miscarriage; we want you to come to us, and we will give you tips and advice for how you can support that person, and also some practical goods, services and products that can help lighten the load of the grief you’re experiencing.
  • Consider Supportal in the same light as calling up your friend who has had the same thing happened.  Thats who we are.  
  • We’ve had a laundry list of crappy life experiences that we are leveraging to help other people.
  • We know things, that unless youve been there, you don’t know.
  • We have a series of blog posts across all the key categories.  You can hear firsthand from someone who’s experienced the kind of thing that you’re trying to help someone else with.
  • We pair those contributions with products or gifts that you can buy for the person who youre trying to help.
  • Success for me is getting to a place where when something bad happens in your life, and instead of going to Google or Amazon and getting something random, you come to Supportal.
  • The best first thing in support is simply letting someone know, in that immediate moment, that youre there.


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