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Nathan Cook wants to help you see, believe and reach your human potential by transforming how you think. Using powerful, electrifying, and passionate speech and methodology, Nathan’s approach will instantly affect how you see yourself and the world around you. As president of Inspiring Inspirations and , Nathan's mission is to empower people to unleash the power within them.

As a premier Keynote Speaker, Nathan has engaged audiences at churches, drug recovery meetings, networking marketing companies, and blue collar to white collar events. Audience members love his message because living a life of purpose, meaning, and success is something we all desire. Nathan believes in the idea that what we don't know that we don't know can stifle our growth. Using this concept as a backdrop, he equips his listeners with the knowledge, insight and belief that you can live up to your potential. His ability to skillfully interweave his intriguing life story into the fabric of our daily lives keeps Nathan’s clients coming back for more. You will leave his events with the confidence to live your life as the original you, not a copy of anyone else. His message is simply contagious.

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A few of the questions I asked Nathan:

  • An unexpected blessing you're grateful for
  • Tell us about some of those earlier life events that maybe as you look back now, clearly helped to shape you to be who you are today?
  • You said the arrest turned your life around: what became your big goal after that?
  • Why become a speaker?
  • What's holding people back from reaching their highest potential?
  • Why inspire and encourage folks to pursue their life dreams?
  • What is the best first step to pursuing your dream?
  • What is the Success Board?
  • How is this different than a traditional vision board?
  • Why where you inspired to create the Success Board?
  • What's the most effective way that you're seeing others use your Success Board that's helping them increase their daily/weekly/yearly productivity?

Key Points from Nathan:

  • I participate in a volunteer program, called the Road to Recovery Program, with the American Cancer Society, where I pick up patients from their home and take them to their chemo or radiation treatments for free.
  • I'm a business owner and have a lot of time freedom, and volunteering is something I find very gratifying
  • Every 57 days I donate my blood. It's estimated that every liter of blood that I donate I save up to 4 lives, and that makes me feel as if I'm helping create life, sustain life, and it's internally pleasing for me
  • My father had an addiction to heroine, and as a child he decided not to communicate with me and that really hurt me
  • As a child, I felt unwanted, that I wasn't special, that I did something wrong.
  • I remember as a child, being excited to watch Mr Rogers at the end of every show say “You've made today special by just your being you. There is no person in the world like you and I like you just the way you are”
  • By the time I was 13, I was arrested. That was the first and last time I was caught.
  • That event was the starting point of me turning my life around. Every time I did something from that point, I thought of whether my actions would make my mom proud from what I'm doing right now.
  • When you're a 13 year old kid and they put you in a jail cell with grown men, it changes you and you realize that you don't want to be there.
  • I believe we can accomplish anything that we want in life, if we believe in ourselves.
  • My dad looked at me and he said “I need more time!” That 20 second clip has been imprinted on my heart and that gave me the motivation to want to start my business again in terms of speaking and motivating and inspiring people because I don't want people at the end of their life wanting more time. I want people to die empty. I want people to know that whatever potential, whatever their goals or dreams were, that they released it to the world, that it's going to impact another generation.
  • When we give attention to why we can't do something, we won't be able to do it! We have to give attention to what we want in life, and not what we don't want.
  • It's all about taking ownership. When you take ownership, things change.
  • Execution over excuses!
  • From a survey of people in their last weeks of life, the number one regret that people had was that they never pursued their dreams and settled for the dreams others had for them.
  • The first step is knowing what you want. So many people are trying to hit the bullseye but don't have a target.
  • Anybody who has had any type of great success in life, they had a goal. They knew what they wanted in life and they remained persistent, consistent, and they had the patience to make sure they saw it through.
  • The Success Board, or what I call an advanced vision board, is a board that focuses on your main goal, and then breaks your goal down into smaller goals, and also allows you to get rewarded along the way … it has a big space for pictures to inspire you and keep you motivated. It comes with a free six week coach text to help you create new habits.
  • A vision board allows you to put up pictures of what you want, but the success board is focused on one main goal you want to achieve. It has a date that you want to attain your goal by. It has an area for your new habits. It will help you shift your daily routine.
  • It can literally be used for anything, but it's still extremely simple to use.
  • Once you accomplish one goal, you realize you can do so much more. It becomes like a stepping stone to do more.
  • A strong WHY creates a strong WILL
  • It's about being persistent, consistent and patient.

One Action To Blaze Your Trail:

Write out your goals and attach it with a date.


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