BEFORE NICOLE ROBERTS JONES WAS A BEST-SELLING AUTHOR, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER AND CEO OF FIERCE FACTOR LAB, she was an entrepreneur, who was struggling to make ends meet — for 17 years! When she finally hired a coach, working with her showed Nicole why she wasn't making money in her business.

“Once I got clear on my gift and stopped trying to be like everybody else, things changed,” she says.

In just one year, Nicole went from making $13,000 a year in her business to making $200,000 a year in her business. Now she teaches other women entrepreneurs and executives her formulas for how to create a blueprint for a profitable business based on their unique expertise, how to align their purpose with their paychecks and make money while they sleep, and how to unapologetically tap into their FIERCE!

  • I love that I get to do what I want to do during the day.  I can plan out my days to do what feels most peace-led to me
  • Even as a child, I never stopped long enough to ask myself “what do I want?”
  • I was living this dream, but one day, I woke up and said to myself, “How did I get here?”  And I began to realize that I was living a nightmare.
  • I grew up into perception.  I never stopped long enough to ask myself “what do you want?”
  • I never said that I wanted to start my own company.  I always said that I became an entrepreneur by accident.
  • In 1993, after the LA riots, I looked around my neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles, and began to see it differently.
  • I was looking at kids that looked like me struggling like I had never seen before.
  • In the midst of me feeling confused because I was in a job that didn’t fit me, one of my girlfriends suggested we volunteer at this youth program at our church.
  • As I walked into the church that Friday night and began working with the young women, something in my spirit came
  • The girls that I coached started to become women, and as they started growing up my gift started growing up.
  • I started to find a job doing this thing.
  • The little program I started in my church became its own non-profit with 10 chapters in 10 States over time.
  • By 17 years in, I started a For-Profit division coaching entrepreneurs to help them “bankroll your brilliance” — taking your gift and understanding how to monetize it.
  • I had a 100% coaching client roster and couldn’t take anymore clients, but I thought if I wrote a book I could give the concepts to women, and I could raise money for my non-profit.
  • I had a daytime job to pay for my night-time calling.
  • I had taken myself as far as I could take myself.
  • “The tools that you use on this level are not sufficient for your next.” A. V. Bernard
  • The reason my business struggled for 17 years was because I kept using the same tools over and over thinking it was going to produce something else.
  • I had been working for 17 years, in a one-to-one model in my business.  If you only have so many hours in the day, and you have to be present to do everything you do in your business, then you’re already taking away your capacity to serve more people and make more money.
  • By creating programs, I saw my revenue go from $13,000 to $200,000 within a year.
  • I had to invest at the level to which I wanted to see the return come back to me.
  • Many of us discount our greatness.  Because it comes easy and effortless for you, you think “who’s going to pay for that?”
  • Each of us are born to this world on special assignment.  The gift in you put you here on assignment.
  • Create a blueprint around your gift.  There’s a methodology and formulaic way that you do what you do.  Once you can identify that then you’re looking at all the ways that you can serve people through that formula.
  • The lighthouse effect:  People seeing the light, the gift and brilliance in you, like the lighthouse does on a dark sea or ocean at night that guides the boats to shore.
  • Your intellectual property is the way that you came here wired to live abundantly.
  • Build your business alongside your 9 to 5 and start with programs that don’t require you to be live and present.
  • Create a blueprint first and a formula from your genius to serve the world.  This will become your platform for service and profit.
  • Nicole’s 3 tips for building a successful business showcasing your business:  (1) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Stop serving people from one way that you’re working with them. (2) Make money while you sleep. Create multiple streams of income. (3) Stop discounting your greatness!  Your 5% is someone else’s 100%.
  • Everyday that you don’t stand in the power of your gift, you’re holding up the answer to someone’s prayer.
  • “Familiarity, not fear, is the enemy of faith.” Steven Furtick


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Do that thing that scares the bejesus out of you! Start acting on that dream that you don’t tell anyone about, and get started by taking one step.


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