DO NOT create a product or service or a promotion or offer, or a book or podcast, or even a resume or cover letter, until you understand who you are speaking to.
Knowing your audience is essential.
And here's why: You are likely not creating your product or service for yourself.

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  • Before you begin writing a resume, or developing a product or service, you've got to give thought to who will read it or who will use it. How will what you're creating add value to that consumer?
  • Once you're clear on who you're serving, then the next step is to develop the messaging you will use to connect with them in any type of marketing, whether it's a tweet, a social media post, a promotional banner or a podcast ad. You've got to know that your marketing message (if it's written well) will begin to attract only that target audience you are wanting to speak to.
  • And here's where most of you get nervous: the messaging will likely repels the others. And that's ok! You've got to be ok with the fact that you are not for everyone, but the folks that love your message will now get behind you. They'll hire you, they'll buy your products, they'll read your blog posts and listen to your podcasts. They'll become your super fans and advocate for your brand.
  • Did I isolate myself by doing a podcast focused on black professionals. You can bet on that.
  • The number one bad habit of business professionals is creating without first knowing who we are serving!
  • Know who you are serving. As you do, begin to align yourself with their point of view. Look through their lens at the things that challenge them, that keep them up at night. Try to understand their mindset. Being a parent is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • People don't just buy based on rational thinking. Our decisions are highly emotional and you can influence someone by connecting through the feelings.
  • Your number one goal is to create the know like and trust factor with a clearly defined group of folks, who you can then craft a very clear message for, that connects your solutions to their problems.


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