Business growth strategist Quiana Murray has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn how to acquire sponsorship for their businesses, events, products and services. Having left her comfy corporate job to launch her first business (only to watch it all fall flat), she knows the importance of being able to create a business that you not only love, but one that allows you to thrive!

Now Quiana uses her experiences and expertise to help entrepreneurs be smart, make more money, increase their influence, and do work they enjoy by offering smart strategies to help them partner with large corporations that will help fund their dreams!

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A few of the questions I asked Quiana:

  • Tell us something interesting about growing up in the DMV?
  • What drew you to your line of work?
  • Why have you niched in on women entrepreneurs?
  • What's the biggest challenge you think women entrepreneurs are facing right now?
  • why so many of us think we’re too small to go after sponsorships and partnerships for our businesses
  • What are corporate sponsors seeking?
  • Is it possible to have too many sponsoring partners?
  • Talk about one of your biggest challenges or failures and what that taught you in the process?
  • What are some strategies we can employ today to begin to tap into this $64 billion sponsorship industry?
  • Who are the most difficult types of sponsors to negotiate with?
  • How long should you wait to pitch and follow up with a potential partner?
  • What’s the worst thing to say in a negotiation with a potential sponsor?

Key Points from Quiana:

  • I always felt I was called to be in business.
  • Women are raised in this country to give to others and be happy with whatever is left over.
  • Women can go out, conquer the world and still be loving, amazing and give to others. We don't have to wait for the table scraps.
  • You don't see Oprah waiting for someone to knock on her door.
  • If you want to be in business, you've got to do business.
  • Women are finding it hardest to charge what they're worth and feeling comfortable doing so.
  • We think we have to wait to arrive where other platforms are, and have the same value as others before making the ask.
  • People are finding creative ways not to be inundated with marketing ads.
  • Brands are now going through influencers to gain access to a better quality engagement.
  • From a corporate perspective, you want all the influencers working for you to get along.
  • For the influencer, you want to be sure that you don't have too many sponsors and lose the trust of your tribe.
  • There is something to be said about calling and a purpose, and there is something to be said about what works!
  • If you feel that entrepreneurial bug, you still must put the systems and processes in place and there's nothing wrong with starting the business on the side until you have enough income to do it full time.
  • Follow my process, don't follow my pattern.
  • If you know that you want to incorporate sponsorships into your business, you need to inventory your business.
  • Sit down and write out every single thing you're doing in your business. Every product, service, you offer.
  • You want to nail down a specific thing you want to offer.
  • Look at the type of corporations that will bring value to your community.
  • You want to find corporations that will fit seamlessly within your community; you dont want disruptors gaining access to your community.
  • Never assume you know what a potential sponsor wants; what you see them marketing today is maybe not what they'll be dialed in on in six months
  • Never think you are too small; sometimes a sponsor wants someone with an engaged community of 500 people that can help them test out a launch on a small engaged group.
  • Once you've identified a company, begin reaching out to engage and understand what the company is doing for the next year.
  • Tell the potential sponsor you're interested in a partnership opportunity in the future and ask what they want and getting to know more about the organization.
  • The worst thing you can say as a for-profit organization is ‘how much can you donate'; you'll tell them there's no Return On Investment.

One Action To Blaze Your Trail:

Get in the habit of inventorying your business every month. Find the gratitude in that. It'll be hard to beat yourself up on the comparisons, when you process all the good that's happening along your journey.

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