No matter where you come from or what your past may look like, anything is possible with faith and a determination to win.

Our featured guest today is Robert Dawson.

High-Performance Entrepreneur, Dynamic Speaker & Business Consultant, Rob Dawson is internationally known for teaching people how to build successful businesses and bridge the gap between their dreams and their reality. His mission is to motivate, educate, and inspire over 1 BILLION people worldwide to live out their dreams and grow a business that matters.

He is a husband, father, and award-winning sales and marketing executive with over 15 years of experience as a top performer with multiple Fortune 500 companies. Since leaving a six-figure salary job to launch and grow his digital marketing company, 360 Your Business in 2015, Rob and his team have become highly sought after by various companies, non-profits, and industries. He has personally met with and consulted over 4,000 business owners and national brands; such as the Four Seasons Hotel and Porsche.

His passions are helping people live their best life and experience the freedom of entrepreneurship; volunteering at his local church; and spending quality time with his wife Evelena and daughter Victoria.





  • I am grateful for my wife.  Family is near and dear to me, and I would not be where I am today without her.  You’re a team with your spouse/significant other.  Teamwork makes the dream work!
  • I’m grateful for having a bed to sleep on every night.  Oftentimes we get so far beyond where we came from, that we tend to forget where we came from.
  • Take a moment to reflect on where you’ve come from and how far you’ve been removed from that place that you were.
  • A lot of people see the exterior that we have today; and they look at the cover of the book, but they don’t know the whole story.
  • That’s why I fight so hard to give my daughter a better life than what I had.
  • At 18 years old, I was sleeping on the floor on pillows off of a pull-out couch in a one-room studio apartment with my dad who was on drugs, and I felt like I had no purpose.
  • Exposure and environment is so important.  Hang around people that are where you want to be.  Put yourself around people that will stretch you.
  • “If you’re in the top of your class, you’re in the wrong class,” John Maxwell.
  • The  turnaround for me was taking myself out of the equation and getting the focus off of me and putting my focus on God and serving other people.
  • I began to take my focus off me and my situation and I began to serve others.
  • As a result, God continued to elevate my life, and eventually I got to the place where I was able to forgive my father.
  • I was able to get beyond my past circumstances and move into my future.
  • When your life begins to weigh down on you and you begin to focus on your problems and that weight that you’re carrying in business, let’s re-shift, let’s re-focus on serving other people and the mission, vision, and our why.  This will get us back on course!
  • No matter where you are, you’ve got to see beyond where you are today.
  • I was only making $30K per year, but in my mind I saw myself as an entrepreneur and CEO before I ever was one.
  • Your confession — what you say out of your mouth and how you see yourself is so important to your future and your life.
  • Our company, @360YourBusiness, offers digital marketing services that help companies to evolve and innovate with their marketing and stay ahead of their competition and continue to grow.
  • As a business you will either evolve or dissolve; you will continue to innovate or you will go away.
  • Get started! Faith is taking the first step without seeing the whole staircase.
  • Wondering which move to make next? Consider this:  What’s the next thing that you can do to move your dream or your business forward?
  • Tell stories to make the most impact marketing with videos.
  • Leading with a story gets people connected with who you are, and they’ll want to know more.
  • Keep it short and sweet so it’s more digestible for people who are watching and listening.
  • People buy you before they buy your product or your services.
  • Continue to believe for the ridiculous.  If you believe for the ridiculous and expect the ridiculous, you’ll get the ridiculous in your life.
  • Believe and expect stuff that most people are afraid to believe for.



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