Our very first guest ever on the Trailblazers.FM podcast, Mr. Donald C. Kelly is back and here for yet another first on the pod.

Today, we are trying something brand new. I've asked Donald to share a masterclass style episode, where he's dropping some mission fuel outside of an interview.

For those of you that aren't familiar, Donald C. Kelly is the host of The Sales Evangelist podcast, which has over 800 published podcast episodes and has featured some amazing folks in sales and business.  Donald is also a sales trainer, coach, and speaker.  And beyond the podcast and business, Donald is a fellow Jamaican and an amazing husband to his wife Cristina.

And so thinking about the need we all have to sell ourselves, whether you're in sales, the corporate world or you're a business owner, you've got to know how to effectively sell yourself. So Donald is going to share some tips with you on how you do just that.

Hope you enjoy today's episode with our returning guest and featured trailblazer, Mr. Donald C. Kelly.

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Key Points from Donald:

        • TIP #1 Remember that you are a brand
        • TIP #2 Fear of rejection: no one can truly reject you
        • TIP #3 Know your buyer
        • TIP #4 Be a problem finder as much as you are a problem solver
        • TIP #5 Have a strong conviction and moral obligation
        • No matter who you are, you are a brand. Create a brand for yourself. You need an identity and be known for something.
        • Whenever you're trying to sell yourself, recognize there are other people selling the same thing. In order to be successful, you must do the opposite of what others are doing. Figure out a different way to stand out!
        • How are you standing out? What are you doing to help your boss or organization see that you are different
        • Does your brand say that you are dependable, reliable, honest, and will go above and beyond?
        • Does your brand confuse whoever is trying to buy from you?
        • What is it that you want to be known for? Whatever that is, begin to shape your digital brand around that.
        • Fear comes down to this idea: an emotional belief that someone or something will cause us harm or pain.
        • When you're selling yourself, know that the other person is not going to physically hurt you
        • Not getting a yes, doesn't speak any less of you. It has nothing to do with you. It just means the situation doesn't warrant that person saying yes.
        • If you understand that everyone will not say yes, you're way ahead of the game.
        • Do you have belief that no matter what people say or do, you are still going to rate yourself a 10?
        • Don't focus on yourself: It's not about you, it's about the buyer. Think “What are they trying to achieve and how can I help them?”
        • Often times we think we only have to come with solutions to the table but perhaps consider the key to finding problems!
        • Imagine if you could have someone on your team who could identify problems before they become an issue, and extinguish them!


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