Many of you might be online, but your website or social media profile doesn't have the right visual and verbal identity. You aren't clarifying  your purpose and mission, and no one can really make sense of who you are, who you’re serving and what you’re serving. In today's episode, we discuss the 5 elements that helped me lay the right foundation for my podcast and personal brand to overcome some of these obstacles.

This week's featured trailblazer is yours truly, Stephen A. Hart.

So more about me: Stephen A. Hart is the founder of Isles Media, LLC, and a Brand Alignment Strategist who guides busy heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders through a clear and proven process to build, market and grow their amazing personal brand.  Trailblazers.FM is the #1 interview style podcast that explores stories of today’s successful black professionals. The podcast has featured more than 150 black professionals and has been heard by more than 250,000 from 140 countries around the world.

I am a proud graduate of the University of South Florida, Tampa. I reside in Maryland, married to my wife Kristin of 10 years and consider myself the #bestdadever to my daughter Layla and son Nigel.

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  • In this season of thanksgiving I’m extremely thankful for my wife, our children and all our family and friends, which includes all of you. I’m also especially grateful for good health and the happiness in our home. 
  • This year hasn’t always been smooth. We’ve certainly had our share of challenges throughout the year, but I’m feeling blessed as we near the end of this year and decade. I’m alive and healthy, and I’m ready to step into yet another opportunity to make this next chapter better than this one. 
  • You don’t need to be sick to start getting better!  I don’t know about you, but while things are for the most part good right now, I want to get better as a marketer, as a brand strategist, as an entrepreneur, as a podcaster, as a husband and a father and a brother and a son. That’s what personal development is about. You and I need to find ways to keep growing.
  • Are you considering starting a podcast?  #1 Start with your WHO, follow with your WHAT. … WHO you serve will absolutely impact WHAT you serve.
  • This is my first takeaway for a reason, because I’ve seen too few podcasters, and even entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders lead with WHO they’re serving.  Instead most people tend to  think of WHAT they think the world needs, and often those that lead with WHAT just think their podcast or product will serve everybody.. and what happens then is that the content or product is too broad in focus and so no one feels connected, and they don’t feel served by the content of your podcast. [06:44 – 07:37]
  • #2 Get crystal clear on the problem your WHO really needs a solution for … what’s keeping them up at night … challenging them most to their core … and what they value. 
  • And now armed with this intelligence, I’m out here in these streets trying to find the right types of people to interview, that can help provide the kind of knowledge, resources and tools that’s going to help you overcome those problems of yours.  So just remember that it’s your job and mine to put our listeners and our customers in a position to WIN.  [09:48 – 10:19]
  • #3 Continually develop a really great visual / verbal identity.  You want to really begin to develop a professional brand message that is easy to digest, because if you confuse you’ll lose.
  • #4 Consistency is King!  … when you launch your podcast, unless you had a prior community, you’re likely going to be met with a similar feeling — not knowing if anyone is listening. You’re going to have to have thick skin if you’re to break through the majority of people who quit before getting 10 episodes in.
  • #5 Know Your WHY!  If you’re not PASSIONATE about what you’re doing and you don’t have clarity on WHY you’re going to do this work, over the long term (I’m talking the next 3-5 years at the very least), I’m sorry to tell you that you’re likely to quit THE moment things get tough, and believe me they gonna get tough at some point.
  • Someone is Googling you right now, and the results they’ll find for you will leave them more or less inclined to do business with you, to partner with you or to hire you.
  • When I read up about many of you online, I’m not seeing a website or social media profile that’s got the right visual / verbal identities. I’m not seeing clarity of your purpose and mission, and I can’t really make sense of who you are, who you’re serving and what you’re serving.  And that’s not a good thing. No matter what you do, this is now almost 2020 and you’ve got to establish your digital footprint.
  • I created my first signature course  Brand You Academy  for busy, heart-centered leaders and entrepreneurs, who are needing to create an amazing personal brand and digital footprint, but maybe don’t have the $3,000 – 5,000 to pay a brand strategist or an agency to do it for them and wait 3+ months to design and build this all out. … with Trailblazers.FM, I learned about my audience, and their pain points, and it’s what led to my creating Brand You Academy.  I’ve been working on the course over the past 2 years, and I’m really blessed to have the feeling knowing I’m able to help busy entrepreneurs and leaders build their amazing  personal brand. 
  • For the 4 days from this Black Friday through next week’s Cyber Monday, we’ll be offering an amazing special offer for those interested in Brand You Academy. For those 4 days only, we’ll be offering a one time only 50% discount off the already low offer price.  You’ll need to hop over to my site at and use the coupon code TBPod50 to access the course for this one pay offer.  So it’s about this point where I know some of you might be allowing imposter syndrome to creep in.
  • Some of you will try to make an excuse and allow your age to cause doubts of you being able to build a personal brand that stands out from the crowd, but let me remind you that the loss of what you could have become is greater than any other loss you’ll experience in life.
  • The loss of what you could have become is greater than any other loss you’ll experience in life.
  • … don’t allow your past hurts and failures to derail you taking action on your future potential. Remember, when life knocks you down, try to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up. 



  • A lot of times we can psyche ourselves out by trying to wait for the perfect opportunity to pursue an idea. It's never going to be a perfect time to do it. So, you just have to get out and do it.



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