Discover how we can develop the routine and habits that will help us prioritize and grow as Christians.

Our featured guest today is Stephen Chandler.

Stephen Chandler is the bold, encouraging, life-giving Senior Pastor of Destiny Church.

Since its inception in 2011, Destiny Church has grown to a community of thousands of people and is known for its exciting culture and focus on leading entire families to a passionate relationship with God. Stephen has a passion to see people discover their God-given destiny, and has given his life to help others find fulfillment.

Stephen and his wife Zai reside in Columbia, Maryland with their two beautiful children Zoe and Roman.





  • I’m grateful for the team that is around me: my wife and my kids
  • My wife and my kids are my biggest source of joy ever
  • With my staff: I never realized there are people that can care about your vision as much as you do!
  • I’m a Bajan Yankee: I was born in Baltimore to Bajan parents (Barbados).
  • I eat like a Caribbean and talk like an American
  • I play soccer and I also play basketball
  • When I say I was born in the church: I was born on a Sunday, my dad was preaching and my mom’s water broke.
  • I grew up in a small church in Baltimore: playing drums, playing bass, playing guitar, student ministry
  • It was around age sixteen when church wasn’t something I was dragged to, but passionate about
  • I remember at sixteen, I stumbled across Jeremiah 29:11, and it exploded in my heart. I realized I was not a mistake
  • What drives me: the fact that so many people feel invisible. So many people don’t realize that they’re not a mistake.
  • There is something God has placed inside of you that the world needs
  • God has something unique that He has called you to do
  • My goal is to help people connect to Jesus
  • Whenever you blaze a trail, you go a path that hasn’t been gone before, which means people are not going to understand what you are doing until you break out into whatever clearing you’re going to
  • I had to sacrifice having cheerleaders in my corner, and people that understand and really believed in what I was doing
  • The basis of habit is really what you value. What you value you’ll find time for and you’ll put systems in your life to make those happen.
  • We eat cause we know we’ll pass out if we don’t. I would say we sleep, but in our overachiever world, we don’t until we realize sleep is a necessity.
  • It starts with us seeing our relationship with God, not as an addition, but as our source.
  • I will never make as much money as I can, if God is not my source. My business will never become as great as it could, if God is not my source. My career and my marriage won’t get as far….
  • People think that God is a religious thing, God is a LIFE thing. See him as your source.
  • You’ve got to see God as a non-negotiable
  • When do you have the most energy? Spend 15 minutes, read one verse and thank God for His presence in your life
  • One thing to understand about the Bible, is that it applies to EVERY area of your life.
  • Find the areas of your life you’re not satisfied in: go figure out what God says about that
  • What do you want your kids to become? Dive in and find out about what God wants for them
  • Learn to talk to yourself! I just find that the great leaders determine the soundtrack of their lives
  • Satan is the enemy of ALL humanity. He’s constantly whispering in people’s ear that they can’t accomplish what God’s laid on their heart.
  • Satan can’t curse you, but he can get you to curse yourself by speaking things of negativity or worry.
  • You must begin to speak positively over your life: “There is a client out there set apart for me. The world needs what I have to offer”
  • What you say about you. What God says about you …. It will come to pass!



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