Anyone with the right work ethic, leadership skills, and dedication can build a multi-million dollar business.

Our featured guests today are Steve and Pasha Carter.

Pasha Carter is an NFL Cheerleader turned Multi-Millionaire, who took a $500 investment and turned it into a multi-million dollar empire. She’s an internationally sought after speaker, trainer and Direct Sales Expert.

Steve Carter is a Howard University alum who also built a multi-million dollar networking business. Steve now travels the country training and teaching others how to build successful businesses of their own. He’s now one of the most powerful success coaches in the world.

Together, this is America’s favorite business couple and I’m so happy to share this conversation with our community.

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  • @PashaCarter  I am grateful for the opportunity to be on the cover of a magazine, and I am now a writer/contributor for Forbes Magazine.
  • @SteveCarterCLD  I’m thankful for my family every, single day.  I’m watching my children grow, and it excites me to wake up every single morning.“
  • @SteveCarterCLD We believe in doing as much as we can while were here, because time is limited for all of us.”
  • @SteveCarterCLD  Im forever thankful for the way my father raised us, and I’m paying it forward with my kids.
  • Talent is something that God gives you but skill requires you do something.
  • Skill is beating on your craft, day in and day out, until you master it.
  • I failed more, so I have been blessed to achieve more.  
  • More people have told me “No!”, … and I’ve had more ups and downs.  That’s the reason we’ve been able to build one of the most successful organizations in network marketing.
  • To be successful intimately and as business partners, we laid down a couple of non-negotiable ground rules when we started:  100% honesty and communication, and never arguing or going to bed upset with each other.
  • One the main reasons why I join the Direct Sales industry is because I didnt have the money or credit to start a traditional business.
  • @PashaCarter I figured out a way to make it happen.  I didnt want another 12 months or 5 years to find me in the same position because I chose an excuse over figuring out a solution to the problem.
  • @SteveCarterCLD Key components to succeeding in business: believe that you can achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve; find something that you enjoy doing; and don’t be afraid to work.
  • As an aspiring entrepreneur, lay a foundation and plant a seed.
  • Passive income can yield a lifestyle of the wealthy, Robert Kiyosaki.
  • Entrepreneurs are the only people who are crazy enough to say, We’d rather work 12 – 14 hours a day for ourselves than 8 for somebody else.”
  • Communication and integrity are significant attributes for good leaders.
  • If youre more concerned with helping others to accomplish whatever it is they want to accomplish, somehow gives it back to you, if you’re able to successfully do that.
  • Your job, as leaders, is to work yourselves out of a job, so that eventually those you lead dont need your guidance.
  • Were teaching our children to be entrepreneurs, and they’re exploring their passions.
  • Before a child leaves your home they should know how to build a million dollar business.
  • We teach our children to embrace failure.
  • If you failed and made a mistake that means you tried yourself something new and pushed yourself beyond the thing that you can naturally do.



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