Tiffany Dufu

She was named to Fast Company's League of Extraordinary Women. Her name is Tiffany Dufu. She is today the Chief Leadership Officer to Levo, which is the fastest growing millennial professional network.

She's been featured in the New York Times, Essence, O, The Oprah Magazine and she's a sought after speaker on women's leadership.

So here's the thing. A good friend of mine and our episode 36 guest who's gonna be making a come back next week on episode 99 said “Stephen, you've absolutely got to read her book.” And that's what I did. Tiffany Dufu has authored a book titled Drop The Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less.

Hands down, one of the best books I've read this year. It's a book to encourage women to develop the skill to let go, so they can thrive. If you're a married woman with kids, this is a must read. But if you're a husband or work alongside a woman with kids and a family and multiple obligations, this book will help you see some things from another perspective.

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An ‘all-in partnership' is a scenario in which two people are working outside of the home, both co-managing inside the home and contributing equally to ensure that the home life is thriving.

Dropping the ball means dropping unrealistic expectations about who we’re supposed to be that come from outside ourselves.

There are lots of barriers to the success of black professionals, but our ancestors overcame them. We are part of a legacy of people who have overcome barriers.

Mission fuel inside today's conversation:

    • Would you say the circumstances of your early years were what folded you to be a leader, or were you born with these traits?
    • In your early years, what did you think you were born to do?
    • Did Kojo, your husband, discover some of your feelings for the first time after reading the book?
    • How has your relationship changed after he read the book?
    • What does “All-in Partnership” mean?
    • Do you think husbands should be communicating even more with our wives to try and understand the balance or lack thereof, when it comes to the household and parental tasks, and being clear about who’s doing what?
    • What are some daily actions that we can do to remind us to let go of the resentment so that it doesn’t impede on intimacy?
    • How do you guide someone to finding their purpose and defining the vision of the end game, which is leaving a legacy and having clarity about what is meaningful personally and professionally?
    • Why is it so exciting to lead people? What excites you most about it?
    • What’s one action that our blazer nation can begin to do right now to help them blaze their trail?


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