Our guest today is a returning trailblazer, Ms. Tiffany F. Southerland, known across social media as @TiffSouth. Tiffany first appeared on the podcast in late 2016 on episode 36.

In today’s conversation, Tiffany and I talk about the importance of us knowing our story, and how that often leads to the discovery of our strengths.  She gave me goose bumps talking about our need to walk boldly in our faith to be able to experience our true purpose and success in life. You don’t want to miss out on her gems of wisdom in this conversation.


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What is driving me is this desire to help people live their most whole and authentic lives, and to do so in fulfilling careers.

I am committed to helping people understand the way that their passions, stories and strengths impact the way that they do or do not show up at work.

We still operate and run around everyday and get wrapped up in this spirit of fear, yet He tells us that we don’t have a spirit of fear, we have a spirit of courage and love and sound mind.


Mission fuel inside today’s conversation:

    • Tell us about the genesis of your podcast, How Does She Do It?
    • What’s at the core of your missdriving you forward today in the work you’re doing?
    • What have you learned over through this year’s adversities?
    • Why were you inspired to build your newest coaching program, How She Elevates?
    • What might someone expect to learn and what will they develop by taking part in How She Elevates?
    • How can those interested learn more about becoming a part of this program?
    • Why is living a healthy lifestyle so important?

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