There is a difference between purified water vs restored water. “Just because it's clear doesn't mean it's clean”.

Our featured guest today is Troy Rackley.

Troy Rackley graduated from Ohio University in Industrial Engineering and received his MBA in Australia.  He served 20 years hard time with Nestle, Coke, Pepsi, Campbells Soup and Sherwin Williams.  
In 2008, he began his entrepreneurial journey by starting his own company beginning with Executive Coaching and Manufacturing operations consulting. Through a few consulting projects he re-engineered some water technology that would eventually evolve into his core business.  NLP Aqua Solutions was born, and this business aligned with his passion for helping people. 
His business has expanded to healthcare, Agriculture, Aqua Culture, Hospitality as well as residential.  NLP Aqua Solutions is a global business with projects in Canada, Amsterdam, Sweden, Europe and all over the USA.
Troy lived in Australia for 7 years and now has dual citizenship. Having a love for football, he achieved a full Scholarship to play in college and has a goal of owning the Oakland Raiders.  Troy is looking forward to Restoring water for all.  



  • Grateful for the opportunity to build a legacy in business and having a technology and opportunity that others don’t have.
  • I’m originally from Akron, OH. Attended high school with Lebron James’ mom.
  • Grow up as a chess champion and math wizard
  • I knew from the 3rd grade that I wanted to be an engineer
  • Water was always the majority of the product I was working with
  • It took me five years to vet this technology
  • When you go up against PhDs who have knowledge on various things,
  • I graduated in 1988, and I started this business in 2013
  • When I go into a room and I’m articulate, I get looked at funny. But then when I start speaking a language that some folks who are chemists/scientists speak, they begin questioning ‘how can you talk like us?'
  • I’ve been challenged on things. People say well ‘your background is engineering and my background is science’, but what I say is ‘when I’ve demonstrated something from statistical results, I don’t care what the background is, results are results.'
  • NLP Aqua Solutions customizes solutions for clean, fresh, safe water
  • Our technology goes anywhere water flows: agriculture, health care, horticulture, aquaculture. Anywhere water is being used.
  • The world is our oyster in terms of opportunity
  • Our vision and what drives me is being able to make a difference as a giver
  • We have donated systems to families in dire need
  • Our business is to make money, to see who else we can help
  • I want everyone (people, animals, and every living being) to have access to clean, fresh and safe water
  • A foundation my mother instilled in me: Never forget you’re limitless
  • When I ask people ‘Do you drink out of the tap?' and they say ‘No, I drink bottled water’ I let them know that 93% of the bottled water in the world has micro plastics in it
  • The largest organ on our body is our skin, so if you think the water you’re avoiding in your tap is any different than the water you have coming out of your shower, you’re mistaken
  • Considering that our skin is our largest organ – a 15-minute shower is equivalent to drinking 8 glasses of water.
  • NLP stands for Next Level of Performance
  • Always keep striving for better and better
  • A lot of companies focus on a cookie cutter system they put everywhere. We want to analyze your water, we want to know what’s in it, and then design a system to take everything out of it that doesn’t need to be there. We want to restore your water to what was designed by nature.
  • RE: Situation in Flint, MI. Sometimes you just have to really want to solve a problem.
  • Research shows that there are over 3,800 cities that have double the lead levels of Flint Michigan. Those aren’t in the news. But they have one thing in common in terms of the demographics of the community. So there is no sense of urgency.
  • It’s time for us to stand up and take care of this water problem ourselves
  • Our technology doesn’t require any electricity, gas or air. It’s green!
  • Figure out what’s in your water. Go to and type in your zip code



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