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All anyone has to do is say the year and it can elicit an emotion. In a few words, this year has been everything from unpredictable, to traumatic, scary, exhausting and bizarre. But, there have been moments of joy as well, despite the pain. For those who are hurting, who need the hope that an opportunity to start over provides, debut author Zim Flores has some thoughts. Flores’ new book, Dare to Bloom: Trusting God Through Painful Endings and New Beginnings (Dec. 8, 2020, Thomas Nelson Gift Books), shows people how to find hope and discover opportunity, even when circumstances and endings are hard and uncertain.


Named a leader using her voice and talent to elevate humanity by Oprah Winfrey, Zim Flores (née Ugochukwu) is the founder of Italicist, an online styling service that helps women discover modest clothing they love, without the time commitment. Previously she was the CEO of Travel Noire, a boutique travel company reaching millions of travelers each month. In 2017 she sold the company to pursue Christ. A serial entrepreneur, Zim is aForbes“30 Under 30” awardee who has been featured in theNew York Times,TIME,ELLE,Glamour,The Nation,Essence, and NPR, among others. She often writes in faraway places and lives with her husband in Illinois. Connect with her atwww.zimism.com and @zimism.

Dare to Bloom: Trusting God Through Painful Endings and New Beginnings

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December 7, 2020

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