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Alecia Scott and Rob Qawar,


Question posed to Alecia & Rob: What was your problem before consulting with and utilizing my services and how was I able to help you solve your problem and improve your business and sales?

Here are screenshots of their direct email responses to the above question:



Jay Lei, Laces Unlimited

LacesUnlimited - Logo | Web Design by Stephen A. Hart

Jay Lei's Thoughts – Interview Style 

Were you skeptical at first?

I was never skeptical because  of the ability to meet you face to face and discuss my plans, your patience when I got lost and you waited, your telephone responses were prompt and seeing previous work of yours.

What made you try my services for helping you with the site re-design?

I fell in love with the website you did for  It is a beautiful website and I needed you to revamp to help create a brand with a credible identity.  Also, Robert from referred you and spoke very highly of you and I trusted Robert's word.

How did it work for you/ what results did you see?

I love the results and so do my customers.  What you've done has definitely resulted in an increase in our revenue and just the respect we now get for our brand.  The feedback were all positive and customers love the fluidity and the ease of navigation.  You took my ideas and made it into a reality.

Who would you recommend my services to?

I recommend your service to everyone who compliments my website and those who want to build a website.