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Social Media Management

Social Media has permanently changed the marketing plans and strategies of most large and small companies.  A business can no longer just have a one way conversation, from them to the consumer.  It's now required that all businesses are having a direct conversation with people through social media.

Social Media Marketing, also abbreviated as SMM, is a marketing method used to engage with customers, fans and prospects of your business.

Are you using social media to build a community of clients and prospects for your brand?

Do you want the benefits of social media without the daily hassle of posting, engaging and updating?
I will take care of everything.

Perfect for: The busy professional, entrepreneur or business looking for social media design and management without the hassles and time commitments needed to do it right.

Use our checklist to determine if you need our services:
  • Do you have an engaging and professional cover photo?
  • Do you have a tagline or any demonstrated benefits on your cover photo?
  • Does your cover photo have a description with it (when you click on it) with a link to your website?
  • Do you have an interesting profile photo that is clear and easy to see?
  • Is your Facebook About Short Description (the one that appears on your Facebook Timeline) clear and interesting? Does it contain your web address?
  • Is your entire About section filled with the benefits of your business and good keywords
  • Do you have a Facebook App installed that will collect emails of potential clients?  A lead generation tool?
  • If you have Facebook Apps installed, do you have custom App covers to go along with the branding of your Page?
  • What is the current Facebook engagement of your Page (People Talking About This divided by total Fans)?  Is it over 2%?
  • Is your website easy to find on your Facebook Page? Either in your short description or prominently featured in your About Page several times?
  • Are you posting at least once a day during the week?
  • Are people liking or commenting on your posts?
  • Are you asking questions in your posts to try and get engagement?
  • Are you varying your posts between text, photos and links?
  • Do you have unanswered posts or spam on your timeline?
  • Are you sharing tips in your niche? Are you posts benefitting your audiences?
  • Are you also sending traffic to your website several times a week?
  • Are you using your personal profile to post about your business?
  • Do you have your personal profile linked properly to your Facebook Page in your Work Section?
  • Does your Page have a custom URL?
  • Are you regularly spending money on Facebook ads?  At least once a month?
  • Do you have a link to your Facebook Page prominently located on your website?


In the world of new media, creating an active Facebook page can help you build brand equity. By engaging with your customers in a personalized way, I can begin to develop meaningful relationships with your customers. The goal is to create customers that are passionate about your brand. People enjoy spending money with companies that they know, like and trust and I want that for your clients more than anything!

After researching not only your business but your competitors and core audience I'll work to develop a comprehensive social media strategy that will be most effective in the marketplace. Then, I'll create and manage all Facebook content including promotions, visuals and posts. When a fan posts on your page, they receive an accurate response, quickly. In addition, I'll monitor your page and provide a social media report on a monthly basis allowing you to track how the campaign is progressing.

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