Aren't our outcomes a result of what we make it?

It's time we all started living up to and accepting our actions, faults and shortcomings.  It's time we stopped blaming others for the negative outcomes we experience. The sooner we realize and embrace our adversity and challenges as being a result of the decisions we made, the quicker that we can accept the lessons learned and begin to grow from it.

One of my brothers, Lance Smith says a quote often, that has begun to make itself so profound to me: “If you live in the past, you die in the present“.

If we can't stop blaming others for what they did to us in the past, we'll never see the here and now.  We'll never experience the gift God has for you and I today!  We could have treasure sitting right under our nose, but we're so blinded by the anger and frustration that our heart can't release what's built up to see the opportunity right in front of us.

In his sermon this Sunday morning, my pastor spoke of us embracing the place where God has planted us.   I sometimes yap at my wife about us moving back to Florida, because I just can't stand the weather of the winters in Maryland.  But I realized one truth today, that despite me not liking the cold here, God's planted me right here in Gaithersburg, Maryland for a reason.  We might not be here forever, but He chose for me to be here now, so that I could plant good seed here in my church, in my wife and daughter, in my business, in my ministries and blog and prayer group.

There are people I've met here in Maryland that have helped me to bear fruit in my life and in the lives of others and I believe I've helped others to bear fruit by my servant heart to His purpose as well.  But I chose to receive God's blessing and I planted myself here and it's resulted in great fruits being harvested.

The question of the day for you:  Have you made the decision to plant your seed where you are? Until you do, you've got nothing to water or to harvest.  You've got to start today at planting a seed and beginning to water it!  As you do, you'll begin to realize the great blessings and fruits that God will pour out into your lives.

Pastor Dale made this message so clear to me this morning:  You can't bear fruit, if you don't plant a seed!

So instead of complaining about why you can't succeed, realize that you can't reap what you don't sow.  We've all got to stop, renew our minds and begin to give God all we've got.  If we are able to pause and begin to trust in God to take care of our needs, we will begin to be rewarded in so many ways.

Join me as I dedicate my focus and energy to pray hard and work harder this week.  I believe that God has a greater purpose for each of us and I'm determined to not only achieve the will He's got for me, but to help others find theirs.

Have a great week!

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