’Til Divorce do we part?

’Til Divorce do we part?

Today’s post has become a disease to our society and especially personal to me, as I watch close friends of mine who have either ended or are seeking to end their marriages, destroying 2 individuals, their kids, their families, their businesses and their communities and future generations in the process.

Fellas, I’m directing today’s energy right at us.  What are we as men doing to help sustain our marriage and our families?  What are we doing to fight off the sexual immorality and lust, and all the temptations we have to be selfish?  Are we thinking only about ourselves and our desires that conflict with us being able to realize and experience a successful relationship with our spouses?

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh [Genesis 2:24]

When we made the choice to devote the rest of our lives to becoming one flesh, there wasn’t any fine print on that vow that said

Marriage is not gonna work out all the time and if I’m selfish and feeling like I wanna go find another woman and not work on this marriage anymore, that’s fine, God will forgive me and waive my vows in this particular instance.  Requirement for me staying in this marriage will vary based on my wife’s attitude and willingness to have sex with me whenever I want. Estimated time commitment in this marriage is limited to when I have time left, after work, hanging with the boys and watching enough NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, or any other sporting event I feel is warranted to occupy my time ahead of my spending time with my wife and attempting to make my marriage work. My marriage can surely end if I find me someone cuter, smarter, or who is more willing to participate in my manly activities that my wife does not want to take part in. My wife is limited to anything I deem is off limits or I will simply file a divorce. See your local divorcee for more advice and details on how to destroy your life.


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