There are many odds we see or saw at some point as simply and totally impossible.  So many thought that Usama Bin Ladin would never be caught.  Many thought we could never ever see the day of having a black president of the USA.  Many thought we could never see absolute devastation on US soil like we did on 9/11.

If you asked me 3 years ago if I saw possibilities for financial survival after someone embezzled millions from us and left us flat out broke, I’d tell you No Possible Way! Yet, when we can no longer see possibilities by way of our human limitations, there is a God that we serve that can see and make the impossible, possible!

In the passage John 2:1-11, I read of Jesus’ first recorded miracle, where He turned water into wine.  In reading this passage, I’m left to imagine an embarrassing situation that was likely to get very ugly without Jesus’ miraculous actions.

Commentary suggests this wedding was for either relatives or friends of Jesus’ family, since His mother, Jesus and His disciples were all invited to the celebration.  There are also points made that the attitude of Mary to approach Him and ask Him to do something when the wine ran out, indicated a family obligation of some sort.

Reading further in commentary about this scripture, I also began to learn that in these ancient days, it was possible that the bridegroom and family could face a financial liability for failing to provide adequately for their guests.

I’m imagining this newly married couple being so embarrassed in front of family and friends, and possibly facing an unpleasant financial burden at that moment in time.  While reading, I began to realize how much this resembled my own story.  As I mentioned above, I lost my business and millions just weeks after being married.  And like this married couple, Jesus stepped into what appeared to be a hopeless situation for me at that moment in time.

Jesus stepped in when I thought there was just NO WAY and helped us meet all our obligations and satisfy all the impossibilities that we feared most.

Today,  after years of hard work and much faith to remain disciplined despite all the odds of failure, my business now prospers as a result of His miraculous mercy and grace.

Just as Jesus showed mercy and turned water into wine, leaving the head steward to believe that the bridegroom had saved the best wine for last, Jesus also has proved worthy of praise in changing our fate from liability to ability to capability!  He took away ALL my most feared obligations, He proved there was a way out from no way, and He blessed us to now be capable of doing anything we ask in His name!

Whatever your situation is today, BELIEVE that your impossible can be made POSSIBLE through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Know that God is greater than your impossible odds!


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