I had the pleasure of being a part of my youth group, Elevate Youth Ministries Fall leadership training last night.  Our youth pastors, Justin and Jessica, spoke about some key steps that us as leaders are to take and I couldn’t help but think about the fact that the items they addressed shouldn’t be a youth leader thing, they should be everyday standards that all christians, men and women, should attempt to live by in order to be better people in our communities, workplaces, schools and churches.

There were two items that Justin brought up.  Item # 1 was:  My Example.  If someone you don’t know, maybe in the lobby at your job or as a passenger on a bus or train, or someone they see at your kids school when you pick them up or drop them off;  what example do they see in your from a distance?  What is the perception about the person you appear to be?

Are you dressed appropriately?  What about your demeanor, are you polite to those around you?  What’s your attitude like?  What are your gestures saying to those around you?  How about your tone of speech to people you speak with?  Is there gratitude and love in the things you say and do.  Some awesome points were made here that we can stop and think next time we’re out and about:

  • What I say
  • What I do
  • What I represent

Item #2 bridges into My Interactions.  Now if you happen to meet and speak with others, how are the questions above answered by the person you speak with?  Without you telling anyone that you’re a Christian, are you setting an example in your interactions that tell others that you are someone that they won’t dislike.  Are you training up your kids by your own example, based on your everyday encounters.

Rick Warren made a tweet this week that said “The more loving you are, the more attractive you are”.  If you are liked, people will want to be more like you and when you eventually are presented with an opportunity to present your faith to them, you’d be surprised how much easier it would be for them to receive your word and encouragement, if they like you.

As a Christian, we don’t always have the ability to talk about Jesus to everyone we come in contact with or people who see us but don’t know us.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t let your light shine through.  The last point that Justin made that I had to share is a point on consistency.

So many people see one person on a Sunday morning at church and another at work the next Monday afternoon.

I’ll raise my hand as an example of someone that’s fallen to the above.  I’ve personally been fighting to change my temper and anger that can sometimes get the best of me.  I might blow a fuse on the phone on a Monday afternoon, while working with someone that is not doing their job, not realizing that even though I’m talking with someone I likely would never meet half way around the world, I’m not setting a good example in my interaction with the person on the other end of that line.  I’ve got to do a better job of making sure all my interactions are better ones going forward, as I’m attempting to set an example of how a christian should live.

Let’s all keep growing in our faith and know that you are blessed.  Have a great day and know that Jesus loves you.

Matthew 22: 37Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

Special Thanks to Justin and Jessica McAuliff for the message that was shared.

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