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Eric Thomas - ET The Hip Hop Preacher

“The version of you that you are right now is keeping you from being everything you should be. Who you are right now is responsible for why you're not where you supposed to be…. who you are is keeping you from being who you should be and your dreams though, are the only thing that's telling you “Come on. Let's go!” Your dreams are the only thing that's telling “You can do more. You can have more. You can be more! Come on, come on, come on! Don’t be comfortable. Don’t sit. DON’T SETTLE!”

Our featured guest today is Eric Thomas, aka E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher.

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  • I’m honored to meet the people who are responsible for me being number one in the world.
  • I’m most grateful for God telling me to go from inspirational speaker to a businessman.
  • It was an unexpected blessing for me in the form of a conversation  that has changed my life and prayerfully will change other people’s lives.
  • Who is ET? I was very angry and defiant  … just wandering; then a pastor came in my life and mentored me, and I went from wandering to exploring.
  • I realized in college that while I may not have been the best speaker on campus, I knew I had a lane that was unique to me that nobody else was in at that time. 
  • The version of you that is you right now is keeping you from everything that you should be. Who you are right now is responsible for why youre not where you’re supposed to be.
  • Who you are longs for you to be comfortable. Who you are is stopping you from being daring.  Who you are is telling you, Don’t do that! …Don’t take risks! …”
  • Who you are is keeping you from who you should be, and your dreams though are the only thing that keep telling you, Come on!  Let’s go!”
  • ‘Wild thoughts' are so important because they are the ones that tell us to “Come into the deep. You can do it!”
  • Step 1 to enacting the change that’s needed is to just be authentic.
  • So many people are just living everybody else’s dream for them, worried about what other people think about their life.
  • You can only be successful being YOU!
  • Be authentically you, and then do it for a long time so people know thats really you.
  • Take pride in your craft. Too many people are skilled but not enough of them are in the will.
  • The areas that are your weaknesses or the things that youre not comfortable with, the gaps, that’s what will take you to the next level. 
  • Im in schools telling kids to find out what you like, what you’re gifted at, what you’re good at, and know the theory of it. 
  • The natural gift is a blessing, but the theory is where you make money in capitalism.  The theory is where people pay you.
  • Im having an insatiable desire to create companies to employ people.  That’s been my thing this year — finding a way to create jobs for minorities, people who are really the new majority.
  • There was a time when I had opportunities but I didnt have the money to invest in those opportunities, and so I want to be able to do that for others.  I want them to taste what financial freedom is like.
  • I want to give people meaningful work and put them in a position where this is just one of the 6 streams of income that theyre going to get because it’s going to take 7 streams to become a multi-millionaire.
  • People are willing to work hard when they see that their leader works hard.  Im the oldest but nobody outworks me.
  • If people are willing, theres not a place I can’t take you.
  • Dont crumble, climb!  There are somethings you can’t get for free.
  • Its not strength or weakness, it’s overuse or underuse – balance.



  • Don’t focus on what you want but focus on all the activities that it takes to get there.  Don’t make the goal, the goal.


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